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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

September 25th festival, Tibbie Shiel's

September 25th festival, Tibbie Shiel's - Forums [Biker Match] September 25th festival, Tibbie Shiel's - Forums [Biker Match]
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September 25th festival, Tibbie Shiel's

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25th of September is Tibbie's annual festival weekend.The weekend consists of silly games during the day and live music on the nights.The only charge is for camping or hotel b&b.Bring your kids if you wish coz it's a family fun weekend.Kids have to vacate the bar and gig room by 21:00.It will be the usual campfire and bbq weekend plus rideout or join in the silly games. Alcohol, although not compulsory, is recommended.Add to the thread or text me. Dusty

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 01/09/2015 19:48  

Too good to miss.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 15/09/2015 14:00  

Do you want to add it to Events?

Might get a bit more interest...?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/09/2015 18:56  

It's been submitted to events.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 15/09/2015 21:02  

Soz, can't make it this time. Don't have too much fun without me!

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 15/09/2015 21:27  

Event is live - hope that helps gather some interest

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/09/2015 23:38  

i'll be there don't know about the games bit, but up for live music any day..will be ther aruond 6

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 16/09/2015 19:07  

Just a reminder of prices.
Camping £5 per person per night.
Festival ,,£5 per person per day.
places can be booked and info found at

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 16/09/2015 20:09  

Enjoy the rain guys, I cant be there unfortunately.
I'll be enjoying the rain in Barmouth that weekend!

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 19/09/2015 06:57  

Rain? It never rains at Tibbie's.
I quite fancied Barmouth but it's a long way for a day out. It's almost as far as loch ness.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 21/09/2015 20:00  

by the time i got to barmouth would be time to turn round and come back

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 22/09/2015 17:06  

For those that have never experienced the joy of Tibbie Shiels, do not look for it where indicated on the map.
Tibbie's is situated on the isthmus between Saint Mary's loch and the Loch of the Lowes.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 22/09/2015 19:28  

It seems we are going to be graced by the presence of XK. That should ensure a whiskey and bbq filled weekend.
look forward to seeing you xk

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 22/09/2015 19:31  

i was getting a bit worried about his unusual quietness...and was about to txt him to see if he was gonna come and join us....remember he was hoofed outa tibbis last time we were

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 22/09/2015 21:30  

No no no , not hoofed out. Xk insists he was carried out. Last man standing.
I'm proud to say at the Tibbie's before that ,
both XK and I were the last men standing ,, ta dah.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 23/09/2015 19:02  

are we gonna have a barbie or eat in the usuall xk will have no food

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 23/09/2015 22:48  

Weather should be good for cooking bit I won't be bringing the big bbq. The garage in Moffat sells disposable bbqs.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 24/09/2015 00:55  

anythink u want me to bring.....ill see if i can get some wood, dont forget to bring a hatchet for the logs Al has if i cannt get anything...will be there around 6 so dont start without me...what time anyone else arriving tho

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 24/09/2015 17:38  

I'll be there about 15:00ish.
we can all chip in for a disposable bbq if you bring on in your car. Or we can cook on an open fire.
we all chip in with the costs of wood etc.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 24/09/2015 18:25  

ill have a look for a disposable bbq n wood, not sure if its the season for barbies so might be difficult will try aldi in newton stewart and a cupla garages along the way...will be there aruond 6ish.. might be an idea to eat in the pub and save the bbq for saturday

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 24/09/2015 23:02  

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