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Matlock Bath rideouts?

Matlock Bath rideouts? - Forums [Biker Match] Matlock Bath rideouts? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Matlock Bath rideouts?

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Yes, I know there are post on here about rideouts to Matlock Bath, but.... I thought I would start this for a quick reference to anyone to check for a ride out and join in! Sooooo...I am gonna make my merry way :-) to Matlock this Sunday (30th Aug)...I thought rather than aimlessly ride about, I would actually have a destination! Lol So from Cleethorpes, I will be passing Lincoln on the way so anyone fancy tagging along en route? I have a spare pillion seat too!:-) Bank holiday weekend so its bound to be sunny!...ahem...awww crap! Anyway, let's keep up to date on rideouts so we can tag along or meet up...

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Abel2photo @ 28/08/2015 23:06  

Make sure you keep well within the speed limit around Matlock as I have been told the Derby along with other Police forces are holding fund raisers at the moment

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JP @ 28/08/2015 23:20  

beware of the parking restrictions along the main road too, otherwise you will need to move it to another spot or get a ticket - enjoy

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TAB007 @ 29/08/2015 10:01  

I have always backed the bike to the kerb it means the warden has to walk along that side taking details and they dont like walking in the crowd by the shops lol

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JP @ 29/08/2015 10:13  

Thanks for the tips guys! Hopefully I will avoid speed traps and traffic wardens! I've got no quarks paying for parking though! ;-)
...still looking for others to join me although Quietman2 may be along from the west if he gets time off work! :-)
Anyone from that way to join him on long journey?

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Abel2photo @ 29/08/2015 13:54  

See you at McDonalds just off A617/A61 roundabout Chesterfield between 10am - 10.30am tomorrow A2P.

If anyone else fancies tagging along feel free! A nice rideout to Matlock Bath n surrounding area. Cake n a cuppa what a swell idea!

Hope to see you too QM in Matlock Bath!

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Lindsay @ 29/08/2015 22:03  

I got Man flu so will stay away from all you healthy people dont what kill any of you

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JP @ 29/08/2015 22:16  

Oh yes I'll be there! :-) anyone else? Come on down...
Ooh ice cream too I hope? (Apparently got to have rainbow sprinkles on!....) ;-)
Hasta manana

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Abel2photo @ 29/08/2015 22:21  

Aww bless ya lil cotton socks JP! Hope you feel better soon x

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Lindsay @ 29/08/2015 22:22  

Nice rideout to and around Matlock today! Thanks to stuie and Linzi for the company and showing me the best roads to ride! Saw some nice scenery when slowed by cars! But fun seeing Linzi hitting stuie for his ahem...speed in places! Lol...
Disturbing seeing stuies puppy dog eyes though! Lol

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 30/08/2015 19:01  

Lmao. Those puppy dog eyes haunt me almost daily!

He deserved every slap. Numpty boy!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 30/08/2015 22:45  

No I don't!

But I'm not complaining ??

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Deleted Member @ 30/08/2015 23:05  

When parking in Matlock, hang a jacket of some description over your plate. They're not allowed to touch your vehicle, so cannot take details of it. Even if they take photos there's no way they can trace you without the plate itself.

If a warden is hanging around when you're ready to leave I'd just move the bike down the road a bit, pull in & remove the jacket before heading off from Matlock.


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PCGuru @ 31/08/2015 21:50  

That wont work they just call the police who will do you for obstructing your a number plate also they can ticket you on your frame number. Best plan is wait till you see them doing the checks and park in the bikes he has just checked you then have 2 hours parking, An hour later when he comes round he will add your bike to his list and start the clock.

   Update Reply
JP @ 31/08/2015 21:59  

Yup JP, as i was asked earlier this year by the 'Ticket Man(!)' Where is your bike? I told him, it was about half way up the road, ths response was, oh thats about 30 mins away from here, so if you move it to the end (indicating where he had already passed) in 20 mins or so, youve got at least 2hours before im back again!

Cheers Mr Ticket Man *thumbs up*

Having said that I only spotted one TM yesterday and he was walking on the other footpath not even looking at the bikes!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 31/08/2015 23:24  

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