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Biker type Cafe....

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Biker type Cafe....

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Just under new management.
On the A21 near Robertsbridge.
Stopped there a couple of times. Good tea and munchies
and a huge menu! 50s themed with plenty of 50s/60s music!
Large car park, garden etc.

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Deleted Member @ 08/08/2015 13:22  

Forgot to say that they also have a FaceBook page and that the next Bike Night is on the 13th August.....

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Deleted Member @ 08/08/2015 13:28  

I must be preaching to the converted! Not one response from the south east biking fraternity.

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2015 13:12  

Give them a bike of notice and post a thread and event request for the next bike night?
Might persuade them out of the woodwork!

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izzyhill @ 14/08/2015 13:29  

I do get in there occasionally, good atmosphere.

Also get in the Carwash Diner a few miles further up the A21 near Hurst Green, although not strictly a bikers cafe, bikers are made to feel very welcome. This place is also very much a 50's/early 60's rock and roll themed cafe.

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DAVE VM @ 14/08/2015 18:28  

Thanks Dave and Izzy....I was begin to think that I was on me todd here!! Carwash Diner?? I'll give it a look in!! Cheers Dave.

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Deleted Member @ 18/08/2015 21:40  

I go there occasionally. It's on my way, wherever I'm going. Nice place.
Anyone tried the Custom Cafe on the main road between Bexhill and Pevensey now it's reopened?

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Eiron @ 19/08/2015 11:53  

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