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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

106th annual Scotts Borders wknd 14thAug

106th annual Scotts Borders wknd 14thAug - Forums [Biker Match] 106th annual Scotts Borders wknd 14thAug - Forums [Biker Match]
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106th annual Scotts Borders wknd 14thAug

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The "Borders Boogie Band" are at Tibbie's on sat 15th August. Anyone fancy making a weekend if it .Bbq +campfire .Put your name down sharpish and I'll give Al a ring.Ta Dusty x

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 01/08/2015 00:21  

Tempted. Just got to make sure I'm not needed in work!

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 01/08/2015 08:55  

bike in for warenty work

   Update Reply
havfun @ 01/08/2015 09:34  

Mmm, sun's up . I'm gonner ride down to Devil's Bridge for a buttie.
A bit of @rse clenching A6 to Shap village then a back road blast to the buttie van.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 01/08/2015 12:26  

I will be there.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 02/08/2015 21:02  

im back at work on the friday, which is a bit of a bummer, however shud make it tho might be saturday morning:)

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 02/08/2015 21:48  

actually not back at work so will be there on friday....x oh an steve dont use work as an excuse you know u want to, an didnt see enuf of u at scotland gig...must be some part of the world we need to put to rights:))

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 05/08/2015 16:18  

Looking forward to a drunken boogie lol.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 06/08/2015 03:13  

Don't think I can make it now, got Contractors on site next Saturday.
If I can make it I will though.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 06/08/2015 21:16  

Hope to see you Steve.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 06/08/2015 23:03  

Thinking I might do this instead of the longer miles to KISS, save some fuel pennies. I'd turn up Friday evening and hopefully Danny would come down Saturday morning to join us for the day, need to check diary.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 07/08/2015 18:44  

KC superbikes Carlisle are having a Suzuki roadtest day on the Saturday. 01228 525024 and ask for Robin. I've booked two slots :15:00 GSXS 1000F ,,,,16:00 GSXR 750
There's a buffet on all day and it's only 60mile from Tibbie's.
This should be on the events page by now...
Let me know if you fancy a bbq Friday night
I've got a pop up gazebo , firepit , bbq and all the usual bollox.
errr Izzy, August not September, Although I am planning a September long weekend in Berwickshire for those in the beautiful end of the UK that find KISS a long way for a wknd.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 07/08/2015 18:56  

Richard (Scotdick) has requested that everyone brings their swimming cozzy fir the annual Tibbie's swimathon.

I remember the last one , brrrr, took two hours and several wee drams to thaw out.
Richard is a bbq fan , so too is XK , Izzy and Lyn.
That's Friday sorted then lol.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 08/08/2015 19:33  

Is underwear no longer acceptable then? Oh, alright I'll bring swimmers - and flips flops or Crocs for the getting in and out.

Toddles off to look at what to test ride on Saturday ......

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 08/08/2015 20:49  

im only ickle, need something my feet will touch the ground on

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 09/08/2015 09:30  

Hiya all, KC have the full range of new Suzuki bikes to roadtest but you do have to book a time with them , plus, bring your licence and provide your National Insurance nomber.
have a ratch on KC Superbikes web site for "new Suzuki motorcycles" .
I had a blast on a gixxer the other week!
What a fekn hoot, they should do away with the mph speedo and calibrate one in speed limits. I was doing almost 2 1/2 lol.
The suspension was smooth as a maiden's inside thigh, orgasmic. Lol

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 09/08/2015 11:47  

Might make this depending on bike geting fixd
might be lateish sat evening

   Update Reply
havfun @ 09/08/2015 19:19  

It'll be a joy to see you at whatever time you can make it.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 10/08/2015 09:38  

As an added bonus......
I have arranged for the Earth to pass through the orbital path of the Swift-Tuttle comet. This should result in a lovely meteor shower visible from Tibbie's. (weather permitting)
By way of serendipity, the best way to observe the phenomenon is by laying flat on one's back in a dark field. Roll on chucking out time lol.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 10/08/2015 17:33  

Joy of joys.
We are now on the Events Calendar.
just need a link .

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 11/08/2015 13:05  

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