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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Lothian and Borders 1st/2nd Aug - beware

Lothian and Borders 1st/2nd Aug - beware - Forums [Biker Match] Lothian and Borders 1st/2nd Aug - beware - Forums [Biker Match]
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Lothian and Borders 1st/2nd Aug - beware

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just heard this :

The rozzers are carrying out a big exercise this weekend in the Lothians and Scottish Borders. They will be on motorbikes, cars and foot. ( the latter to buy doughnuts)

Primary objective is to catch speeding bikers. The will be conducting speed checks in Tweeddale areas using hand held radars plus camera vans.

Wouldn't surprise me if also on unmarked bikes. Used to be VFR's, don't know what they have now.

Just be aware folks.

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Deleted Member @ 29/07/2015 17:09  

Scottish Borders..... Total area ..... 1,800 square miles
. Total population 110, 000
You can see that a couple of motorcycles travelling a few mph above the limit would cause absolute carnage.

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dustin666 @ 30/07/2015 00:43  

Oh, don't get me started....

Allegedly around £2,500,000 spent on 'motorbike safety' operations - i.e.catching and fining folk - yet no funding available for BikeSafe.....

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Deleted Member @ 30/07/2015 10:08  

Thanks for the heads up, but we all ride legally

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izzyhill @ 30/07/2015 11:51  

Sure, I believe you....thousands wouldn't though.... (I'd put a smiley here, but on my mobile and BM says 'error inserting object' ... fnarrr...)

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Deleted Member @ 30/07/2015 14:19  

No worries, they soon get bored and clear off somewhere else.
Or perhaps we've got it all wrong and the police just want the place empty so they can have a hoon about undisturbed :-)

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Steve_H @ 30/07/2015 19:09  

Well they are in for a wet weekend

Cheap policing and not surprising, not worth taking it out on the patrols as it's the morons in charge that haven't a clue.

Greater Glasgow Police force *cough* sorry i mean Police Scotland have gone Weej since they became one force.

Strathclyde problems seems to be a blanket issue in Scotland.. what a joke

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madscots @ 30/07/2015 21:11  

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