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The so called 'Biker World'

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The so called 'Biker World'

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You no, I took my bike licence because I was told the 'Biker World' was totally different from the motoring world. WELL they were wrong, I have nodded, sent messages to fellow bikers and people who want to be pillions on ride-out's and I've got NO RESPONCE - WHY ????? is it because I'm not good looking enough ??? ...... I may not be good looking as your George Clooney or Brad Pitt nor have the body as Van Damm, Arnie or Sylvester but I have things they have ......... a heart, feeling, emotions, I hurt like they do, I cry like they do, I want love like they do, Well, if this is HOW the 'biker world' act's then I'll hand my licence in, cos people/bikers out there have the head up there arse and are looking for miles toooooooo much from people, wake up, realise, we are middle aged and gravity HAS taken over, we AIN'T good looking as we was when we was young, BE the people that every one knows us as, we know there are some BAD people/men out there but we are all not like that.......... cos I no I aint, well that's my say on the matter and all have a lovely day and ride safe

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Cruserman @ 30/06/2015 20:06  

hi Cruserman, a lot of people just take a nod that's sent to them as just that, a nod.
As for having no responses to your messages, well, how do you know what the reason is for no reply. They may be working, have other committments, be out on their bikes, or simply forget to reply to you, it does happen. Sometimes people simply don't want to reply, but that's their choice, just as it was yours to message them, there's no insult intended.
Looks and physique only play a small part in attraction, but attitude is another matter.
You've only been on the site a few weeks, and have joined at a busy time of the biking year as you'll know, so there's a lot less happening on the site than in the colder months.
So, stick around, get to some meet ups and rallys - there's a good bunch of peeps going to the Wiltshire camp next week. Could you get over there and say hello - just for the day if you can't make the whole weekend.
Posting in the forums is another way to get your face known, or join in the chat room when others are in - but again - it's biking weather so a bit quiet at the mo.
Like all other aspects of society, we're all individuals on here, and not all looking for the same thing you seem to be .... oh, and they're not all looking for it - as you so succinctly put it - with their head up their own arses either.

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Deleted Member @ 30/06/2015 21:00  

Blimey mate, don't be so hard on yourself. You can only get out of this what you put in. Me ? I'm just an ordinary average guy, but I have made a lot of friends in this by posting on the forums, turning up to some events, planning some myself and just generally being cyber sociable. It's surprising, well no not surprising realy, that if you turn up to stuff and make some conversation, people will take to you, remember you, and catch up again when you meet up again. i'm a married guy, so really the rallies I cant do, but I've done pub nights, charity ride outs and I'm going to KISS this year after 'negotiating' with the missus.

Mate, get yerself out there, the biking world is over and above the cagers world by a mile and then some. Being a member of both I know. !! I don't have the in depth knowledge of the life long bikers on here, I've only had a bike for the last ten years, but I can chat and be sociable and that is what will give you the friends, and maybe 'more' that your looking for. Look at your posts (5). Look at mine (4410). Get nattering mate, see how it goes. AJ

Hope I haven't offended in any way, if I have I apologise.

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VFR800AJ @ 30/06/2015 22:07  

Nods are a way of saying 'hey!' they are sometimes responded to reasonably quickly other times it can take weeks, if at all. This is as @PB says due to work, play and other reasons. No need to get mardy about it, chalk it up to experience and move on.

Try putting some time in on the forums, chat room and get to some meets/ride outs ya never know what might happen.

Pick up ya teddy, matey... the biking world isn't all that bad if you love bikes and banter its a great place to be!

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Lindsay @ 30/06/2015 22:47  

A teddy !!! Cheers Linz...i'll try that too.

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VFR800AJ @ 01/07/2015 00:39  

Nice post cruserman.

I can see why ya don't have any mates.
instead of sitting on yer arse in front of a pc and whinging coz people aren't beating a path to your door . Try getting off yer arse and go to a few meets. You'll be made more than welcome. .
p.s. If you can ride your bike ok and you enjoy good craic and a good laugh it doesn't bother me that you're fat and ugly lol.
Dusty .

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dustin666 @ 01/07/2015 00:52  

well there ya go Mr cruserman. you already started what is shaping up to be an interesting thread. as I said, put yerself 'out there'

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VFR800AJ @ 01/07/2015 01:07  

As always Dusty, succinct and to the point. No uncertain terms there! hahaha

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double six @ 01/07/2015 07:00  

Peoples, people biker or not, no different than any one else.

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vinnie @ 01/07/2015 11:15  

Not everyone wants to respond to nods, PMs etc and its their right not to, don't take it so personal, after all, we are strangers on here/words typed on a screen, until we meet in person.

I'm in Belfast, there is never anyone on here from where I live but I've still managed to make some mates across the water, have a laugh, the odd chat now and again.

I also don't understand your comment, 'I took my bike licence cos I was told the 'biker world' was totally different from the motoring world'.... me, I took my bike licence cos I love bikes

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Deleted Member @ 01/07/2015 12:01  

Did he Really post that?, hang on 'who turned the light's off' oh my mistake , best get my head out my arse
No-one can be more awkward round new people than me fella but I've bit the bullet and just tried to be part of the forum and have met and talked online to some top people , chill , go with the flow

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ExupRichR1 @ 01/07/2015 18:06  

Just go with the can be difficult to get on line sometimes and as much as I used to be in the chat room I just cant get in at the right times at the moment!!
We all joined for different reasons..I've made some really good mates and also met some people that I would never want to see again!! But hey...that's the way it goes..

Just enjoy it for what it is...Catch you soon

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Joey05 @ 01/07/2015 18:26  

Also some people are standard members so can't necessarily reply. Best way to go is to jump on the threads, get in chat and if events are near you get yourself on em

It is "get out there" season so it can get a bit quiet at times. What ya put in, ya get back. Made a lot of friends, had a few dust ups, but wouldn't be without BM.

I only started riding three years ago, so for me, the site is ideal for making friends and ride outs (commuting gets lonely).

Give getting to know people via threads and chat a go.

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rowanblossom @ 01/07/2015 18:36  

Ok so some people don't reply to nods or stop conversing....and that becomes their problem not mine...
On the plus side I've been on some cracking rideouts and weekends away...and met some fantastic like minded people,most of whom I'd never have met at the usual biker thanks very much BM..
You'll only ever get anything back if you bother your arse to put something in, in the first place...

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Triple955 @ 01/07/2015 19:19  

Hi Cruserman get yourself along to the kiss5 really you can get pissed meet load's of people and if you drink some more you mite not remember the people you have met but they will and if they're not talking to you they will certainly be talking about you ??

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Deleted Member @ 01/07/2015 20:00  

Just like V-Rod said get yourself to Kiss V and a group of us are going to be riding up from the South East meeting up at South Mimms services,
Details are on the ride out threads.

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Ragnar @ 01/07/2015 20:07  

Mind the hardbound @ No 1

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Deleted Member @ 01/07/2015 20:11  

Agree with everything people have written above. I have made some great pals and had fabulous support since joining BM.

Re the finding love bit - my own thought is stop looking and start living and the rest will happen if it's meant to but you will be enjoying things and making friends anyway even if it doesn't .
Best of luck and I bet you never thought your post would elicit such a response!

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Jackyan @ 01/07/2015 20:30  

Oh Jackyan what punctuation - You know what your fonts do to my pixels lol ??

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Deleted Member @ 01/07/2015 21:06  

So Cruiser by name and Cruiser by nature! You cruise in and cruise out ?
Your post appears to be a response to the lack of responses you received from the women you've contacted on this site since joining. Life is a bitch isn't it? But if you had contacted me with a nod, I'd respond with a nod, if you'd messaged me I'd respond with a message because I'm not rude and I always respond to nods and messages.
So why don't you stop bitching and start taking part and use your bike to meet some of us??

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TAB007 @ 02/07/2015 16:35  

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