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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Keep posting your events - Thanks!

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Keep posting your events - Thanks!

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I'm very happy about the sheer number of new events that are being posted to our calendar at the moment.

You no longer need to be a full member to do this.

Please keep them coming. Sorry if it takes me a while to get around to them (normally I check the pending list once a week).

For any urgent events (like for the coming weekend) just send me a private message after you have added it to the calendar.

Remember: Only events with all the basic info in will be accepted (like address, date/time, decent description etc).

Thanks again! Here's to another great biking season!

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Matt @ 18/03/2015 20:41  

Hi Matt, just a thought, is there anyway there could be a spontaneity forum, event box, space on a page somewhere? I am thinking a sort of 'weather looks good tomorrow, heading off for a picnic in Dunster, breakfast at the red lion,bath 8:30 leaving just after 9' or 'just looked out the window, great day for biking, heading to the coast, leaving Sainsbury's (ba2 5rf) car park at 9:30' that sort of thing. Where you can look for something to do that day if you are bored? I've noticed a couple of forum posts like that but they seem to get overlooked? Just a thought from someone who doesn't like to plan!! Lol

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Deleted Member @ 21/03/2015 19:46  

I'm with you on that Broke, good shout. M.

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Murdoch3352 @ 21/03/2015 19:54  

I'd still like a way to quickly identify BM organised events where I know I can meet some BM'ers.
Any chance of putting a check box on for this Mat?

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Steve_H @ 22/03/2015 19:14  

It's just too much of a pain in the ass trying to find the free weekends, scrolling over page after page when we are trying to plan camps so Im not going to waste what little spare time I have. Sorry Matt but if we had been asked about this before it went live we could have told you about it's floors before you changed it.

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JP @ 28/03/2015 05:17  

Have to agree with JP, not being able to see an overview is a pain in the proverbial

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Brummie Jackie @ 29/03/2015 20:32  

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