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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

8th Annual Margate Melt down

8th Annual Margate Melt down - Forums [Biker Match] 8th Annual Margate Melt down - Forums [Biker Match]
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8th Annual Margate Melt down

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@Stuie you are the mascot, token southern boy n all that ....
Of course you can go, but you gotta promise to be good!
Lindsay @ 06/12/2014 00:38  

Stue....goood....same sentence. Blimey I'd pay to see that.

I can't book my hols until Jan so will get em in as soon as I can, and let you know.

rowanblossom @ 06/12/2014 07:24  

Any updates on this one from the Northern (England) Posse?

Give me a shout if you are interested in this one, I need to sort accommodation, unless of course you want to do there and back in a day - I would prefer to make a 'little jolli-day' out of it but will go with the flow.
Lindsay @ 22/01/2015 22:40  

gbnp i would be interested in this plz if you can stand a mid join attachment lol
bic chick @ 23/01/2015 11:45  

A mid join attachment sounds very painful and gives a image of a arm growing out of a knee.
Ragnar @ 23/01/2015 12:01  

oo-err ... 'a mid join attachment' hmmm it sounds exciting! Im sure we can sort that @bic chick.

I will keep ya posted.

Lindsay @ 23/01/2015 13:11  

Should be easy to arrange an RV mid route. Spesh from those coming down the M42 from Tamworth!
Stuie. @ 23/01/2015 21:11  

At my age I may need one them mid joint attachment thingamy wotsits :-)
davidneale @ 24/01/2015 23:13  

DAVE VM @ 30/03/2015 09:21  

As there was little interest from the Northern (England) contingency. Stuie n I will be making our own way to The Ace. We are intending on visiting some of Stuie's mates in Hampshire during that weekend.

Sorry about the mid join attachment not happening but if you would like a RV point a bit before The Ace, I am sure we can arrange that.

Ps. The above is assuming that i can persuade Stuie. to ride The Beast again. lol
Lindsay @ 30/03/2015 16:43  

On Sunday 24th May I will be coming back from the
Loppem rally Belgium. Getting into Dover some time afternoon if I can find a
place to put my tent up I could stay and do the Monday in Margate. I’m not back
to work until Tuesday. Any southerners out there got a bit of grass? (Not in a
deal bag )

bugsbunny @ 30/03/2015 19:39  

I don't normally start at the Ace. But instead I use Nells cafe near Gravesend on A2. This is on the route. Meet about 10-30 to 11-00 for breaky.

Bugsbunny. We have a number of members down that way, so I am sure something will come up.
davidneale @ 30/03/2015 20:56  

I have booked a campsite for the princely sum of £7 it is a farm at Dunn Street, Westwell, Ashford, Kent, England, TN25 4NJ. Feel free to book in and join me Sunday night.
bugsbunny @ 31/03/2015 21:54  

Perhaps you could give me the heads up exactly where "Nells" Cafe is Dave so i can meet up with you there ?.
DAVE VM @ 19/04/2015 21:45

Try this link Dave

Coming from the west (coast bound) take the Gravesend East turnoff.

At the roundabout you go almost straight over 2nd exit ( minding the bumpy bit in the middle )
You will then shortly after come to another roundabout, take 1st exit then shortly after turn right into Nells. You will see the cafe when you reach the 2nd roundabout.
davidneale @ 21/04/2015 17:08  

Thanks Dave, i've found the cafe and google mapped it.

See you and Linda on the Mayday Run.
DAVE VM @ 21/04/2015 18:18  

Yes Dave, I look forward to that.
davidneale @ 21/04/2015 19:22  

I'm afraid I will not be able to make the Mayday run , as working , have fun everyone and ride safe x
lindaloki @ 23/04/2015 23:39  

Will be on this myself. David, isn't Nells Cafe the one beside the A2, just after Cyclopark (if coming from London) ? Brath
Brathu @ 24/04/2015 07:37  

It is just by the A2 but I am not sure where thr cyclo park is.
davidneale @ 24/04/2015 10:07  

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