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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Scotland week 2015, a BM special.

Scotland week 2015, a BM special. - Forums [Biker Match] Scotland week 2015, a BM special. - Forums [Biker Match]
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Scotland week 2015, a BM special.

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Time to start planning the big Scotland week, June or July again I expect when it's hot and sunny. it's early to start on this I know but there were suggestions at the last one that we make it more of a mini tour which will take some organising. The options are: 1. Camp at Fort Augustus again for a week. Or somewhere else if we want a bit of variety, but I do like fort Gus. 2. Bit of a tour, couple of nights at Fort Gus, couple of nights Ullapool and something else, possibly Skye or the Cairngorms. Could do Glencoe on the way back, the Clachaig of course, for those that want the midge experience. The plan would be to pick places with campsites, hotels and b&b's to suite all pockets. 3. Book a house for a week. This would take the most planning and I would want money up front which might be a problem for some people. What are your thoughts?

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Steve_H @ 28/10/2014 20:24  

@Steve, Stu and I went to Skye at the beginning of September via Oban and then over to Kinlochewe and back via Edinburgh.. 4 days of heaven on earth.

We found several nice places and are in fact planning on going up to Scotland again next year (at least a couple of times).

The Hotel we stayed in for one night, at Kinlochewe had a bunk barn (full, when we needed it!) but the bar and food was divine. I think that's where we will be heading as its on the end of the Applecross road and the coast road from Skye

Petrol station less than 100 yrds away too (hint, hint Stu!!)
We didnt manage to get as far as Ullapool - see line above!

One of my colleagues has a place overlooking Loch Tay sleeps 6 but there are other types of accommodation available on the estate too (might be a bit pricey as it is more top end than B&B?) Stu n I are going up there in February (yes we are mad!) so can check it out if you want me to.

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Lindsay @ 28/10/2014 21:00  

Steve check out when its midge seaon on the west coast.

Yes i have noted the fuel stop! Wont make hat mistake again! Bigger fuel tank needed.

Personaly i cant wait to go back.

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Deleted Member @ 28/10/2014 21:38  

Been to Skye many times...Decent campsites-one by the Kyle of Lochalsh,one opposite the Sligachan pub/hotel on Skye..We also stayed in a Hostel on the outskirts of Portree which was basic but ok.

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Triple955 @ 28/10/2014 22:25  

Ullapool is a massive trip to get to but best roads in Uk are all around there

BM's France trip is June 25th- Sunday 5th July so maybe dates out with that would be cool

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madscots @ 29/10/2014 13:43  

Fort Augustus for me.

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dustin666 @ 29/10/2014 17:35  

We have done Fort Augustus, and it wos triffic.
But I vote we go a little bit further north.
Skye for a coupla days in a hostel, then Ullapool in a self-catering cottage . A boon if the weather turns crap.

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XKLYBR @ 29/10/2014 19:20  

XK, height of the season

ya won't get a cottage for less than a week. Plus it would have to be booked before crimbo and monies paid.

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dustin666 @ 29/10/2014 20:39  

The biggest problem with trying to do more than camping on a large site is that BM does not have a Paypal facility.

Booking cottages or exclusive use bunk barns requires paying a deposit up front and paying in full before the due date.

No PayPal =no way of gathering in any money.

I'm a member of an internet 'one make' club. We have events booked and paid for months in advance coz we use Paypal.

It's a lot better than hoping people are going to turn up on the day , just coz they said so.

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dustin666 @ 29/10/2014 20:57  

Done fort Gus for two years now..maybe for a couple nights...then onto somewhere else...b n b for me tho...Will get research in x

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dizzydot @ 29/10/2014 23:14  

Done fort Gus for two years now..maybe for a couple nights...then onto somewhere else...b n b for me tho...Will get research in x

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dizzydot @ 29/10/2014 23:14  

As long as we go before the school holidays, we should get an affordable place. And only put your name down with a deposit.
A house big enough for 12, but price based on 10, to cater for dropouts.

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XKLYBR @ 30/10/2014 09:08  

so what's a BM Special ????

You all have to ride yellow motorbikes and clean the windows at the rental place with your tongues

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madscots @ 30/10/2014 10:23  

@Steve, yes to plan 1 or 2, but I'd not commit in advance to a share of a house for a week. Either one base or a move every other day to places where there are options for B&B and camping, please. Let individuals choose/book/pay for what suits them.

Schools in Scotland break up at end June, so the whole of July is school holiday, albeit for a small population!

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izzyhill @ 02/11/2014 08:48  

Need to wake this thread up again.
A bunch of events are under discussion elsewhere on the forum so what week shall we aim for to avoid crossing with any other events?

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Steve_H @ 07/01/2015 21:04  

16 July first one. 19th July second one. 18 July is the Saturday ?

Fek the rest. of them. Big Scotland week is far more important lol. Last two have been on a similar date . Claim that date for the third annual Big Scotland. If you make it start on the third weekend of July from now until the end if time . if this post reads a bit disjointed it's coz of several edits and a shity phone lol.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 07/01/2015 21:55  

keeping my eye on this to see how dates pan out

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 07/01/2015 23:20  

25/26 July .
It's between the Cornwall camp at the end of June, and the Yorky Pud in August.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 08/01/2015 12:32  

Xk, it's a week ya Muppet. Starting Saturday 18th to Sunday 26th.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 08/01/2015 16:00  

Right that's it decided.

I've posted the event for the 18th to 25th July.

Cumberlands campsite, Fort Augustus is the location.
Lodge accommodation also available on site, B&B's / Hotels / park bench also available in Fort Augustus.

If people want to use the event as a base and then explore further afield feel free to do so, Cumberlands will only charge you for the nights you are there.

The clubhouse on the site is brilliant; fine food, good ales and poncy lager all available at sensible prices.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 08/01/2015 19:28  

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