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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

2015 Rally with a Chalet.

2015 Rally with a Chalet. (1) - Forums [Biker Match] 2015 Rally with a Chalet. (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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2015 Rally with a Chalet.

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I’ve noticed that the 2015 “Rally with a Chalet” is being advertised. It’s a cracking event, but be advised that single accommodation is - as far as I know - virtually non-existent. (I stand ready to be corrected if this is not the case.) So be prepared to share if you want maximum VFM.

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Deleted Member @ 12/10/2014 17:24  

As this is based at Pontins you are correct as holiday park accomodation does not usually cater for single occupnacy.
But its still great value for money anyway :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 13/10/2014 10:17  

The accommodation is not expensive I ususlly go on my own and it cost me £52 for a chalet I have to pay for two people even for being on my own. Great weekend worth every penny

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Cruiser gal @ 13/10/2014 23:10  

You're only right, CG. That's what I've done over the past two years - I've booked a twin chalet for myself over the three days. The only (slight) problem has been on arrival, when the security guard at the gate (and they've been quite friendly) asks me where the other person alluded to on the documentation is, and I tell them they're "not coming". And I get a brief, sympathetic glance, as though I've been dumped by someone... who doesn't exist...

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Deleted Member @ 14/10/2014 01:17  

Valencia, I have never been questioned.

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Cruiser gal @ 14/10/2014 20:03  

You must look less suspicious than me, CG. There again, most people do.

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Deleted Member @ 14/10/2014 21:32  

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