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How much for Camping ?

How much for Camping ? (3) - Forums [Biker Match] How much for Camping ? (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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How much for Camping ?

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You had clarified all of your comments before, and then had to add other elements into your argument that had hither-to, not been raised.

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double six @ 09/10/2014 20:32  

The Kiss rally is the only rally we have control over.
Can this entire thread be deleted. We have the info we needed thanks for all input

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JP @ 09/10/2014 20:36  

See you next tuesday

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JP @ 09/10/2014 20:38  

If anyone wants to save a few quid on a camping weekend, a facility already exists. On the event page. Offer someone a lift or ask for a lift. That will save half the petrol cost.

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dustin666 @ 10/10/2014 02:25  

I need to go back to Valencia's original post- "as someone fortunate enough to be employed, I wouldn't mind paying a few quid over the odds if it meant a reduced price for a teenage out-of-work kid on a battered Honda CG 125.

Without trying to sound like I'm preaching for the Bolshevik Horde, I feel we old gits almost have a duty to encourage young and skint bikers. We were there once."

Why does anyone have a problem with this?
apart from logistics!!!!!

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SlowGoose @ 11/10/2014 00:21  

I don't have a problem with helping out those who might be short of a few quid, and as such would enter into a private arrangement with that person myself. When sites like Barmouth are found for the purpose of having an informal weekend of socialising, why should it need to be subsidised by anyone?
As I stated in a previous post, when I couldn't afford to attend events because money was tight, I opted not to go. This is a personal choice that I consciously made, and one I am proud to stick to. My upbringing was such, that if I couldn't afford it, I didn't have it.
Why does anyone have a problem with that concept?

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double six @ 11/10/2014 00:37  

Lets just make it very clear I don't have a problem helping out others I dont have a problem with anybody helping out others.
Bikermatch event staff cannot set out 2 sets of campsite prices when
A. We dont own the campsite
B. You have to pay them directly
( This Barmouth camp was the 1st that we collected the monies for the site as the owner was at work and ask if we could help her out )

The Kiss rally is the only event we have direct control over pricing and I would not want to get into who is paying this price and who is paying that price.

If you wish to pay for anybody's subs for BM, Pay for there petrol, Pay for there camping fee's,Pay for there Kiss Rally ticket, Pay for the Hotel room please feel free to do so. But that would be between the person's concerned not BikerMatch or any of the staff.

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JP @ 11/10/2014 08:23  

JP, going back to one of your earlier post......What's going on, on Tuesday?
As it's my birthday, I'm wondering if your throwing me a surprise party? :D

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Deleted Member @ 11/10/2014 09:15  

I will explan when I meet you.
Happy Birthday for Tuesday I will have a few drinks lined up at the Hallowitmas party just for you x

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JP @ 11/10/2014 09:29  

"Just a few" lol

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Deleted Member @ 11/10/2014 09:50  

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