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General Chat/Anything Goes

Ever done something really, really STOOPID?!

Ever done something really, really STOOPID?! - Forums [Biker Match] Ever done something really, really STOOPID?! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ever done something really, really STOOPID?!

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OMG! This morning looking at photos on my camera from ITV, a mates 50th, the peacocks, zx12r,stuie, Rowanblossom's Weekend thinking get this lot uploaded today and i pressed wrong flipping button. Every single one GONE im gutted. What im really upset about is the fact that i had actually got stuff in focus! DOH! (I wont tell ya what i actually said but i have had to open the back door cos the air was so blue in the house!!) Anyone else done something really STOOPID? See if it makes me feel any better.

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Lindsay @ 27/05/2014 10:02  

Yes I remember a time at squires talking to some short ass bint lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 27/05/2014 14:59  

GOTBIKE - the pics can still be recovered from the camera card.
If you take it to a computer repair shop either they could do it, or will know someone who can.
If that fails, let me know as I may/probably/actually know a man who can!

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Deleted Member @ 27/05/2014 16:00  

Oooh @PB, thanks that would be marvellous. Can u pm me details please?

@JP, i resemble that remark! At least there is plenty of competition,on here for the award for short ass, unfortunately the grumpy giffer award goes to you, as always! Love you sweetie, i cant wait til i see you again, missing you loads Xxx

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Lindsay @ 27/05/2014 17:18  

Put 17 quids worth of unleaded in my Mondeo diesel a while ago. that's fairly stoopid !!

Mind 40 quids worth of diesel over the top and it ran fine.

Never tried diesel in the bike yet though

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 27/05/2014 17:52  

I got married once, that was pretty stoopid!! Lol

   Update Reply
TAB007 @ 27/05/2014 19:06  

Yup i got married...that was a stoopid move.

Never been as stoopid as erasing piccys tho!

Runs and hides

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/05/2014 19:15  

I trusted a woman once...Never again...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/05/2014 19:34  

LOL done to many stoopid things to list lol :) But most likey the most stupid thing was having my photo take while astrid an unexspoded IRA motor bomb lol "Ride Em Cowboy" yeh ha

   Update Reply
FireStorm-X @ 27/05/2014 23:28  

I got married twice before I got married again.

Still 3rd time lucky

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 28/05/2014 17:51  

i got up this morning.

   Update Reply
xj @ 29/05/2014 22:33  

You stupid Boy Mark, Funny that though, i did the same thing .

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 30/05/2014 00:19  

I got married 3 times !! What a dumb blonde !! : 0 I like a party , me !!

   Update Reply
justjude @ 30/05/2014 03:42  

ha ha put diesel in a petrol capri, looked like a james bond car with smoke screen behind, the next week it chucked a big end :(

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 01/06/2014 09:09  

No, but I know someone who has!! lol

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 01/06/2014 17:11  

o yes

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 01/06/2014 17:16  

Fell in love, got hurt, pretty stupid thing to do really.

   Update Reply
jaybuzz @ 12/06/2014 20:03  

Sold my 125 last year to a chap at work that is a complete idiot :( Now sure he is going to end up killing himself or someone while on it :( So far I have had to repetly tell him to adjust and oil the chain, which most of the time he dose not bother doing :( so far the chain has fallen off the bike once while pulling away from lights :( and yesterday starting off to work it snapped and he thought it was funny because he had to pull it back to his flat :( took 2 months of telling he needed a new back tyre as it was nice and slick for him to bother to get a new tyre :( also had to tell him when his lights were not working as he dose not think he needs them while riding :( and worst of all he now wants to get a bigger bike :(

   Update Reply
FireStorm-X @ 13/06/2014 00:23  

I was shy once,,,,, lol how stupid is that ;)

   Update Reply
jilly065 @ 13/06/2014 07:18  

Well Stoopid I was, Stoopid I is ... but I need to say a gazillion thanks to Purple Betty's ace, techno buddy for recovering all my photos. I can't tell you how happy both of you have made me , turn around time was a-maz-ing!

Photo's uploaded to Into The Valley and Rowan Blossom's Magical Mystery Tour - sorry it's taken so long guys!

I have learned my lesson and will upload stuff as soon as I get home in future

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/06/2014 23:56  

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