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Bike to bike headsets

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Bike to bike headsets

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good bike to bike headset kit?
Never used one before, so an easy to use, not too expensive one please.


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mick696 @ 06/04/2014 19:45  

are you just after headsets or do you want a complete communication system

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Deleted Member @ 11/04/2014 11:09

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Deleted Member @ 14/04/2014 00:11  

Everything mentioned on that website was pretty accurate but hasn't been updated since feb 2012. Things have moved on a bit.

i had an autocom system for a few years and found it pretty good. back then everything was wired and fm radios. these days everything is blootooth the most popular of these i would say are


niether are particularly cheap and i'm fairly sure someone will be along in a minuet to tell you about all the other options in great detail.

I now have the scala rider Q2 pro. can connect to pillion and another bike with compatible headset. clarity is very good. also connects to phone or i can connect to sat nav. And through that to phone or mp3 player. can't fault it. all i can say is do as much digging as you can. make your own informed choice. as individuals tend to be biased.

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bluesbiker @ 14/04/2014 18:55  

After being on the receiving end of a telephone conversation with bluesbiker using his headset, would just say it was crystal clear with no background noise, infact i didnt realise he was on his bike :-) thumbs up from me

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Brummie Jackie @ 14/04/2014 21:18  

Got a scala rider and free sat nav on android phone faultless and can find byways too.

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Cloud_God @ 14/04/2014 21:22  

Iv got scala headset, used them on tours and are fab, go for the more rounded ones though as iv heard the new squair shaped ones can fall off :/

   Update Reply
suzuki Rob @ 30/04/2014 17:31  

I'm now having serious thoughts about getting a Scala Rider set, but which one...?

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Deleted Member @ 19/05/2014 10:57  

I have been using Scala rider Q2 for a few years now and it very good, you occasionally have to pair it again but overall its very good, has a fitting for music in the back of the unit so you can play on a lead direct from any ear phone socket on any device as well as rider to rider, rider to pillion with sat nag and mobile calling.... can't fault it

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johnnytb @ 20/05/2014 16:18  

Lookin for a Dave.....

   Update Reply
Littlefecker @ 20/05/2014 21:03  

Have ordered a Scala Rider Q9 Power Set - just waiting on it arriving now....

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 31/05/2014 13:22  

Jumping right in here....does anyone have trouble with comms and high speed wind noise? If so, let me know :)

   Update Reply
CharlieW @ 05/06/2014 09:55  

I've just got a q9x and it increases the speaker volume automatically the faster you go. Have called a few people whilst been scooting along at various speeds and not one knew I was on the bike, apart from when I got pulled out on and a few expletives escaped...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 07/06/2014 10:33  

Just fitted the G9X to my lid - will do a test call on it when I'm out on the bike later.
Got two of them, so once my pillion has hers fitted we'll be able to report back on the rider to rider communication quality

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/06/2014 14:42  

I have used Scala Bluetooth headsets for years, great for rider to pillion and bike to bike :-) and only takes 2 mins to fit if like me you take different pillions, or fit them to another riders lid.
Wind noise can be an issue, but that's more down to the helmet, my Arai is bloody noisy, another lid is due soon so that will be a main consideration.
I like the fact they hav built in radios and you can either Bluetooth your music or hard wire it in, great for long boring motorway stints, like the weekends return trip to Scotland.
Personally I think it adds a considerable amount to your biking, chatting to your pillion or another rider, or even getting mothered by my sat naff.
I refuse to Bluetooth my phone to it though, gotta have some time away from bloody calls and texts lol.

   Update Reply
Bandito12 @ 01/07/2014 03:53  

Hi guys can anyone help advise please with the q3 scala set ?We have bought it and it worked great on Sunday after a few buttons were pressed but now we can't get it to work at all . We are simple folk just vox operated intercom no phones or music is all we want ! Sure it is something really easy and the cardo community has been no help this far ! Any suggestions gratefully received before I throw it far away!!! TA v m x

   Update Reply
Jackyan @ 25/09/2014 20:21  

i have a q2. when you hold button down to turn on do you get any lights at all?

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 25/09/2014 21:46  

Hi BB thanks for response ! yes the lights flash blue and I get the descending tone . Did the vox just work each time please once you had pressed the buttons as per instructions? I think it might be faulty !

   Update Reply
Jackyan @ 26/09/2014 06:42  

looking at the destructions for q3, you can disable and enable vox by holding down both volume buttons for 2 secs.

if you tap both volume buttons (less than 2 secs) it will mute the volume.

i know with mine that you cant hear yourself speaking through your headset. only person your talking to can hear.

hope this helps

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 26/09/2014 11:58  

also, if properly paired units should have steady blue lights not flashing.

instuctions paragraph 5.2 and 5.3 give details to set up pairing channels and vox.

certainly don't bin it. i doubt that its actually broken.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 26/09/2014 12:17  

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