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New Feature - Improved Private Messages System

New Feature - Improved Private Messages System (6) - Forums [Biker Match] New Feature - Improved Private Messages System (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Feature - Improved Private Messages System

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Probably because MS has IE 11 now Lynn

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Emzed @ 01/04/2014 18:41  


I'm actually curious how the system looks for someone using IE 10. Before you upgrade please can you tell me - do the conversation names (list on the left) look "Square" or "oval" to you?

When you press "New Message" do the buttons for Send and Clear look to be out of place?

When you open a conversation, does each message look like a speech bubble or just a square?


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Matt @ 01/04/2014 19:31  

I'm still running IE 7 Matt .... Convo names are Oval on mine
Send and Clear buttons look fine
And I get the speech bubble

Nowt wrong with being a dinosaur ...

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old red @ 01/04/2014 21:03  

I found the old system of being able to delete a message without opening it first , quite useful at times.

Everything seems ok on Opera mobile on mi Nokia N8 although on Opera mini , same phone, I can no longer post in the forums??? Is this purely coincidence , or gremlins lol

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dustin666 @ 01/04/2014 21:45  

I am on IE11 but keep getting a message from web page saying IE is old and should be updated for full functionality (something like that). OS is win 7 HP 64 bit if that helps...

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red_daytona @ 01/04/2014 21:47  

Old Red - that's really weird! Must be that Microsoft cocked it up between version's 8 and 9 then. Are you absolutely sure?

Dustin - the forums haven't been changed, they use a Rich Text Editor. In the future the forums might also be going the same way the PMs system has gone. The whole site needs revamping and bringing up to date.

Red Daytona - That's very strange. Are you absolutely sure you're using IE11? Are you running it in compatibility mode. I'm quite sure you must be, or you're mistaken about the version, because IE 11 no longer identifies itself as a Microsoft browser to websites.

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Matt @ 01/04/2014 22:37  

'This area is not fully suitable for older versions of internet explorer. Please update your browser if possible (or use chrome, firefox etc). Otherwise please expect minor graphical issues.' About IE has- IE11 version 11.0.9600.16521 That help?

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red_daytona @ 01/04/2014 22:58  

Will send you a private message...

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Matt @ 01/04/2014 23:16  

hi matt I'm getting the same popup as "red_daytona " I'm running IE 11.0.9600. 16518 square corners to the buttons but things are looking good I'm getting used to it thank you matt ( love to have some toys though )

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Deleted Member @ 02/04/2014 11:21  

And I thought I was special.....

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red_daytona @ 02/04/2014 17:40  

sorry to pop your bubble red_daytona

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Deleted Member @ 02/04/2014 19:00  

Guys check out this website...

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Matt @ 03/04/2014 00:11  

hi I have got the same problem as red_daytona and im running ie 11 full and updated also got square box's in my pm's.......

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Deleted Member @ 03/04/2014 00:38  

@ bikermatch ; I just have up to date IE 11 windows 7 I'm getting the same popup as "red_daytona " square corners to the buttons but things are looking good I'm getting used to it thank you matt ( love to have some toys though )

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Deleted Member @ 03/04/2014 00:48  

( love to have some toys though )

wouldn't we all V-Rod

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kaycat @ 03/04/2014 20:16  

lmao at katcat !!!!

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Nutkin68 @ 03/04/2014 20:26  

naughty Kaycat, dont you have enough in the toybox? pmsl

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Deleted Member @ 03/04/2014 20:28  

Hi Matt,
new communicator is ace.
In Opera (latest version)all buttons are rounded but the only thing I can see wrong is the other persons conversation is hard up against the white dotted line of the conversation list so that you can barely see the 2 green ticks. its read able and not expecting you to fix it Firefox not a problem big gap between dotted line and message ....looks great.

Andy P.

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Deleted Member @ 04/04/2014 06:49  

Thanks guys

Please, please will those of you having problems (warning popping up in IE 11 for example) follow this link and send the results to me?

All you have to do is click that link, fill in your name and email address, and send the form. I will do the rest.

I really need this though please because I'm struggling to understand why the "ugly" version is appearing for some people using new browsers, it doesn't make sense. You shouldn't be getting square conversation buttons and the IE warning message.

The only reason I can think of is that you have COMPATIBILITY MODE turned on... which basically transforms your fancy up to date browser into a dumb, old, incompatible ancient technology browser (that mode is to help you with very old websites which you find DON'T work, but it stops modern websites from functioning fully using the latest technologies).

Hope that helps



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Matt @ 05/04/2014 23:19  

Hi Matt

email sent



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Deleted Member @ 06/04/2014 01:43  

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