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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Ride out - End of March - North Wales

Ride out - End of March - North Wales - Forums [Biker Match] Ride out - End of March - North Wales - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ride out - End of March - North Wales

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Right, having had my partner in crime confirm he is up for doing a route or two......dependent upon weather who is up for a ride out end of March. Jaffa, can you pm me your free days and I will do my best to make sure its a day you are free....that goes for anyone else interested who works shifts etc. I try to make the rides as rider friendly as possible and all inclusive, regardless of experience and engine size. If you are a learner let me know and we (Royal We there) will sort a route that avoids motorways. If you are able to offer a pilly seat, again let me know. Ta

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rowanblossom @ 20/01/2014 14:02  

Count me in weather dependant, Sunday's being the preferred day.


   Update Reply
Imola72 @ 20/01/2014 15:09  

Count me in!

   Update Reply
crato @ 20/01/2014 16:18  

Hi, I will always be up for a run. If you need any help or route ides just pm me. Be nice to meet up again :)

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Bandito12 @ 20/01/2014 16:51  

Just my luck I willl be at mcn skeggie that weekend .

   Update Reply
JP @ 20/01/2014 17:53  

Me, me, me but obvs only if i have a pilly ... @stuie. please can we go? Huh huh, please, pleeeeease?

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Lindsay @ 20/01/2014 18:05  

I'm good for a ride out - Can't do w/end 15/16 & 29/30 March.

Wirral Egg Run 6th April
Petrolheads Egg Run 13th April.

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SteveD @ 20/01/2014 18:15  

as always too far have to do over 100ml just to get there oh well maybe there will be some rides closer to home over the coming year or maybe not wasnt last year booooo !!!

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 20/01/2014 18:17  

Hmmmm not sure GBNP. I was planning on going to wales that day!


   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 20/01/2014 18:44  

Im up for it(if not working)Plumbski where are you?

   Update Reply
Onearmbandit52 @ 20/01/2014 20:16  

I m interested depending date

   Update Reply
shelleygirl @ 20/01/2014 20:28  

Plumski's doing MCN live, looking at the events calendar.


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Imola72 @ 20/01/2014 20:28  

I might be up for this if I'm free weather dependant,did one a couple of years ago and was a good day out.Last one split into groups,ie faster and slower,if that happens that suits me as while I keep to legal(ish)speeds I'm not fussed for lovely north wales roads at 125 speeds,didn't buy a Blackbird to pootle around at subs expire tomorrow and not paying to renew but will keep an eye on this.

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Sprint900 @ 20/01/2014 21:24  

Bliminey, only off site for a couple of date set yet just floating idea at present to see if any interest. I do want to let those on shifts have a chance to be able to come too, so let me know your preferred dates and I will then get the ball rolling.

@Bandito12 yeah it will be good to see you again. Its been waaaay too long hon.....I know with you, Mike and John I've got Welsh Wales covered for routes.....

ZZR I am hoping to set other runs as well so all suggestions as to routes are welcome.

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rowanblossom @ 20/01/2014 21:26  

RB, perhaps a run to the lakes and one to the Peak District, Derbyshire.

   Update Reply
Imola72 @ 21/01/2014 07:15  

Aye, they all sound good. Also Cumbria. I thought down to Shrewsbury, Southport, Morecombe and Blackpool as well.

Also venture over to Yorkshire....if the locals will let us Lancashire peeps in.

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 21/01/2014 07:20  

@RB, you are more than welcome in Gods Own County! Just keep Mike under control, we wouldnt want him accosting random dawgs! **love ya @Plumbski**

Btw The Gathering is still on 1 Feb ... So grab ya passport n head for the border, thats towards the sun rising Jo ... ((Wink!)

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 21/01/2014 07:30  

Lake Vrynwy is a nice destination, good café too.

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 21/01/2014 07:49  

Count me in for Cumbria and Shrewsbury. Southport, well I can be found there quite often, regular visits on Wednesday evenings in the good weather. Quite often do Rivington and Southport in one run on Sundays if there's nothing better to do. Not so fond of Blackpool, but I'll give it a go anyway

   Update Reply
Imola72 @ 21/01/2014 08:39  

oooh lots of lovely suggestions... get your routes planned and I will happily do all the faffing around on the organisation side of things. All I need is destinations, a copy of the route, suggested dates throughout the year, arrival times, meet points and them woo hoo I'm up and running. It would be really grand to get a good selection of rides up and running this year across the northen part of England.

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 21/01/2014 09:16  

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