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General Chat/Anything Goes

What made you smile today?

What made you smile today? (1338) - Forums [Biker Match] What made you smile today? (1338) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What made you smile today?

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Comments from friends about beard tidying....and booking leave days to spend with someone rather special...:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 12/10/2020 09:08  

Jebus Christos Jinx, never recognised you!! You look ten years younger! X

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 13/10/2020 14:31  

Coming back on here fer a wee nosey see who is around and what's happening. Hope everyone is ok through all this Covid/quarantine shite x

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 13/10/2020 14:36  

Blimey Jinx!
Reminds me of that programme on TV...... the one where they take a tramp and give him a bath and a trim! 😲😉🤣🤣🤣

   Update Reply
NickEyres @ 13/10/2020 18:00  

Seeing the lovely Lulu is back again xx

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 13/10/2020 19:20  

Thanks Ragnar xxx

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 13/10/2020 22:09  

Yesterday,smiled whilst i stopped the bus in Miserden to pick up a stray hedgehog and pop him over a wall to safety..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 14/10/2020 11:52  

Finally getting out of work today,

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 14/10/2020 16:19  

A lengthy phone chat,with a lovely lady..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 14/10/2020 21:56  

Waking up,always does the trick for me...:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 15/10/2020 06:34  

The number of women on here who stick their tongue out on profile photos, Wtf is all that about?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/10/2020 19:28  

An incident at work, one of the lads got a brand new pair of boots.
He pushed them under his locker when he went in the shower yesterday, but forgot to put them in his locker afterwards.
When he came to work this morning, someone had nicked the laces.

   Update Reply
Brengunner @ 15/10/2020 23:27  

This morning,out along the lanes by Leighterton,fallow deer "floating" across a mist-shrouded CGI required,lol..

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 16/10/2020 08:34  

Jinx I love how you are lucky enough to see all the wild life in your area. Do you ever manage to stop and take photos?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 16/10/2020 15:38  

Finishing work for a couple of days, now for some music, drink and fun galore!

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 17/10/2020 17:50  

It baffles me too Yarg.
It's not cute or funny, much the same when some blokes have a photo without wearing a top showing a pigeon chest. Ok that can be funny.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 17/10/2020 18:49  

Sold another guitar today,that made me smile and the person who bought it is very happy.

   Update Reply
GL Blue @ 18/10/2020 13:59  

Picking up a Scrabble set for a bargain price..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 20/10/2020 14:51  

A nice day out with friends, despite the rain...

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 20/10/2020 22:37  

Smile today? Same as every day,a "good morning" message from someone special...:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/10/2020 12:59  

 Posts: 26,911       Pages: 1338/1346

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