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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Hallowistmas Fancy Dress - Brum - 23rd Nov

Hallowistmas Fancy Dress - Brum - 23rd Nov (23) - Forums [Biker Match] Hallowistmas Fancy Dress - Brum - 23rd Nov (23) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Hallowistmas Fancy Dress - Brum - 23rd Nov

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Ang love you outfit, good job I didn't turn up as I am having great fun on crutches, found a great way of getting people out of my way, I turn into a Dalek, hold up my crutch and shout exterminate. lol

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Cruiser gal @ 24/11/2013 19:12  

Thanks to the organisers, and everybody who made a great effort to make a great party, I thought the DJ was ace, thanks to Cruiser gal for the room, it was just like the advert

It was nice to meet some more peeps of this site

I had a great time so whens he next one???

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Plumbski @ 24/11/2013 20:14  

I had a good time too, with a great ride up there and back. Thanks to the team for putting it on

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Ragnar @ 24/11/2013 20:39  

Thanks guys had a lovely time ......... Still feeling jaded lol ........ Dodgy photos have been let loose for all to see!!!

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Flumpy76 @ 24/11/2013 21:20  

Wow...what a party party... Once again you guys from West Mids did BM members proud...yet another great night. Thanks to all involved with arranging the night, had a brill time...whens the next one...hahaha... Was great to meet old buddies again and especially good to meet and make new know who you are ......

Have uploaded some pics to the event page so if anyone a copy then message me... Thanks again for a great night.... a toast to you all

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Rider10 @ 24/11/2013 22:05  

Pix uploaded! Beware ... @Rileymtr ... in dress! LOL!

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Lindsay @ 25/11/2013 00:34  

uploaded my few photos....the flash gave up all hope of working. Sorry they are not brilliant ones....

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rowanblossom @ 25/11/2013 08:55  

Wow!.. what can I say? ... Another great night out with some awesome peeps!! BIG THANKS to all those that organised it, you did a great job yet again

Thanks to everyone who took photos, they're brilliant!
I've never danced as much and laughed til my sides ached!

The fancy dress costumes were amazing ..

WELL DONE TO CRUELLA DuVILLE (Kaz Littlefecker) and DOROTHY (Paul116116) who won the Fancy Dress competition!

Big Thanks to BigRay for the lift there and back and to BJ for putting me up .. you're both stars

Aunty Jackie...can we do it all again next week??....pleeeeeeese

...I wonder if Sumo ever got his kebab.......probaby not, if the Jedi had owt to do with it

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Karey @ 25/11/2013 09:02  

Another great night with fab folk, you guys made such a huge effort with the fancy dress, big pat on the back to you all, wish we could have given you all a prize :)
Kaz your welcome and as for Sumo and his need for a kebab and Phils Jedi skill at being able to stop Ken from finding one !!!! well all i can say is Monty Python watch out lol Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves makes all the organising worth while :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 25/11/2013 09:43  

I have just got home, detoured via Essex with my lovely Linda

I had a brilliant time, it was really good catching up with old friends and meeting so many new people. Sorry if I didn't recognise some of you immediately, fancy dress may have had some thing to do with that. Kaz's costume really fooled me, I think the eyes were brilliant.

Thank you to BJ and all those who helped put this together, the Midland mob pulled it off again

My pictures didn't come out too good, so only a couple to download.

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davidneale @ 25/11/2013 12:51  

To sum up in one word "totallyfeckinamazeballsnight" a mahoosive thank you to the organisers, great to catch up with mates and make new ones :)

P.s pays to be evil Muah ha ha ha ha

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Littlefecker @ 25/11/2013 13:33  

well, I've finally recovered!! yet again a brilliant night & thanks to all who organised it. Was great to see people old & new
Roll on the next one

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Holmfirthgirl @ 25/11/2013 16:34  

Would be nice to see all the pics that are on FB on bm as well

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JP @ 25/11/2013 20:09  

Thank you to the organisers , great night had, good to meet up with a good few new faces, but I am sure that I would not recognise anyone lol, I must apologise to Boy George for nearly taking his eye out with my wing , No I did not want to hurt you , or really make you cry lol , Thanks again ,
Linda x

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lindaloki @ 25/11/2013 22:05  

Great nite, big thanks to the organisers from me n steve

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drobess @ 25/11/2013 22:41  

I,m a bit late posting this but a great night as always, thanks to the organisers you did a brilliant job keep it up

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 04/12/2013 07:20  

Twas great to see you again Bill. Lovin' the new hair do :)

   Update Reply
bandit lover @ 04/12/2013 12:02  

ha ha ha lindaloki .. appologies accepted on behalf of boygeorge.. it wasnt a crying game so no worries :)

   Update Reply
buzz_sp1 @ 05/12/2013 20:56  

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