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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

yorkshire rock and bike aug 9th

yorkshire rock and bike aug 9th (6) - Forums [Biker Match] yorkshire rock and bike aug 9th (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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yorkshire rock and bike aug 9th

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78 folk had their name down for this and there's not one photo on the calendar. Now, I know having a bleddy good time is compulsory but ya not to forget to take pics (decent ones tho cos I is too young to see risque ones)

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Sandi @ 17/08/2013 10:11  

I have been trying to add some but evertime I try it says web not responding or something like that ?

   Update Reply
JP @ 17/08/2013 10:15  

I have just tryed again and it shuts my conection down to Bm every time I try

   Update Reply
JP @ 17/08/2013 10:21  

JP give up mate,, the pictures are still in our minds,,
Staggering around , and having fun. Lol..

   Update Reply
gazza123 @ 17/08/2013 12:42  

JP will you please tell Matt about the problem you are having in case it's a site fault? Thanks for the photos Debz

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 17/08/2013 16:55  

Photos uploaded X Sorry lots of things happening all at once and not enough time to do anything!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 20/08/2013 22:25  

Great photos!

Get tagging yourselves everyone... just click on the blue tag under the photo(s) of yourself and it will put your name on.

These will also appear on your profile, once you've tagged them.

Just be careful not to cover anyone else's face with you tag

   Update Reply
Karey @ 20/08/2013 22:59  

hey Kaz!

it's a shame I was so well oiled on Friday night ... most of em are out of focus !!! Tee hee ... I must go a a photography course ... do they do em for individuals under the affluence of incohol?!

L xx

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 20/08/2013 23:24  

Hahahah.. just admit it're a numpty!!

K xx

   Update Reply
Karey @ 20/08/2013 23:30  

Hey ... I make no pretence to be anything other ... you wouldnt like me so much if I weren't!!!

Got any more parties planned?!!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 20/08/2013 23:32  

Nice pic btw .... sexy eyes!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 20/08/2013 23:33  

Hahahah... wouldn't have you any other way chick!

Hmmmm I'm sure there could be a party..for no reason whatsoever! :D

Oh and thanks.. I tried to make them wink but it weren't happening

   Update Reply
Karey @ 20/08/2013 23:38  

PMSL! what more can I say?!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 21/08/2013 00:06  

Thanks for the photos yorkiegirl25 and GotBikeNeedPilot

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/08/2013 15:23  

 Posts: 114       Pages: 6/6

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