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Can anyone recommend a training company in or near Leeds for LGV/HGV? I'd quite like to go with a recommendation when it comes to spending loads of me cash! lol...............any advice greatly recieved. Thanking you muchly. :)

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MjN @ 22/05/2013 19:11  

I,ll keep my eyes open, usually see a couple everyday.

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Deleted Member @ 22/05/2013 19:21  

Best advice I can give is don't do it. crap wage's treated like dirt and you are expected to NOT have a life outside of your job.

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JP @ 22/05/2013 19:53  

Sitting in mi truck reading your post .
JP is giving the best advice lol.

Dusty x

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dustin666 @ 22/05/2013 20:31  

Take it your sleeping in a layby tonight then Dusty

   Update Reply
JP @ 22/05/2013 20:49  

lol, I'm considering Paramedic. It's not much more money to do a full c category so might just do it. Shame to waste me theory section...........

   Update Reply
MjN @ 22/05/2013 20:52  

mind you JP - sounds like my work now!! lol

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MjN @ 22/05/2013 20:53  

Once you've got your class 1 come and work for us, days are on over ten quid an hour and home every night. Only drawback is working any 5 over 7.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/05/2013 21:56  

Staying at the exclusive euro 5 star Daf hotel in that wonderful city of Layby.
Ain't life shit ,lol
Dusty x

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 23/05/2013 00:45  

Double six so £10.00 an hour for a rolling week is good ???

   Update Reply
JP @ 23/05/2013 06:22  

No nights out, virtually no overtime if you dont want it, yes I would say that was pretty good compared to other supermarket chains.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/05/2013 09:17  

We are suppose to be professional drivers but are being payed a labourers wage.

   Update Reply
JP @ 23/05/2013 12:28  

Well it's obvious that your working for a shit company then guys. There are some good ones still out there. Don't let anyone put you off your idea NjM as long as its what you want and you've looked into it properly :-) Very best of luck to you.

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Intruder18 @ 23/05/2013 15:02  

i`m in agreement with jp and dustin... i`m actively trying to get out of hgv work .... used to enjoy it but drivers cpc is a joke we have to pay for plus ive got a list of spot fines pg9 offences which vosa can have your trousers down for now they are self funding and they are going for it ....

   Update Reply
nellie @ 24/05/2013 02:26  

The driver CPC is a joke for old timers that I agree but essential for the younger new drivers coming into it .. It always has been an issue in the past with not enough training given to new drivers .. I personally think more stringent training should be in place for new drivers and you should be taught with a loaded truck not an empty one. I could go on for hours on this subject but I won't. But I will say that the whole industry needs a big shake up .. Won't comment on VOSA as most people have similar opinions of them. The PG9 's ..., simple ! Don't break the law ..... If you have to for any reason there should or a protocol in place at your company to provide proof and evidence of why you had to do what you did. There are too many non conformers in this industry and the sooner they go the better it will be.

   Update Reply
Intruder18 @ 24/05/2013 11:07  

There's this place between Wetherby and York.

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vinnie @ 24/05/2013 13:59  

Yeah, the best advice so far is DON'T DO IT!

Seriously mate, the only way to earn decent money in this game is to give them every waking minute of your life. You'll spend every minute of your working day chasing minutes and even when you're on the motorway on your limiter you're still stressed because you're trying to catch minutes. I work for a well known ORANGE global logistics company doing nights, yeah, one of the last well paid jobs but I put in ridiculous hours each week and am desperately trying to get out of the game. It's going to put me in an early grave.

I even looked into going to Canada to work as they have a national shortage of HGV drivers and are currently advertising internationally but they're only giving out two year contracts/visas.

What's the point? Not only do I have to do all the HGV training again in order to get a Canadian goods licence but I have to do my car and motorbike license aswell as my British licences are only valid for 2 months.

All that for two poxy years, sod that. The cost in time and money alone is enough to scrap the idea.

Oh god, I'm sorry guys, you may have detected that I'm somewhat disillusioned with the industry.

Just don't mate. Every one of my friends who I've told the same have ignored my advice and every one of them said within a year that they wished they'd listened.

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Deleted Member @ 29/05/2013 03:48  

As for CPC, it's only going to get worse. At least at the moment it's attendance based so just turn up and go home, in the future it'll be like the ADR, question and answer with a percentage pass mark.

One of the only industries whereby the government cap your earnings by limiting your working ability, and then have the blind cheek to charge you for attending training courses in order to continue doing a job you've been safely doing for years.

How many other jobs do you know of that force you to regain qualifications periodically.

Oh.... someone take this keyboard away from me................................................................................

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Deleted Member @ 29/05/2013 04:00  

The only 2 job's were you are penalized for working to hard(HGV Driver& prostitute)

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Onearmbandit52 @ 29/05/2013 23:13  


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MjN @ 01/06/2013 20:23  

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