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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Pick up a Pilly Day - Sun 30th June

Pick up a Pilly Day - Sun 30th June (11) - Forums [Biker Match] Pick up a Pilly Day - Sun 30th June (11) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Pick up a Pilly Day - Sun 30th June

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Not to worry Sandi, it can get a bit frantic with trying to catch up with loads of people... I didn't mingle that much, chatted to Intruder most of the time and the 2 friends I brought along... had to rush off as I was summoned back home at 2pm lol a mothers work is never done. I have not recognised loads of people I hadn't met before... but I thought it was a brill gathering and the weather was perfect. Looking forward to the next one

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Lynn1584 @ 01/07/2013 13:49  

BJ's Pilly Day Action Photos of the Basetts Pole Group now loaded. Number plates erased to protect the innocent LOL. If anyone wants a copy of one let me know!

   Update Reply
Scorpio54 @ 01/07/2013 16:36  

how much was collected for stella yesturday

   Update Reply
shelleygirl @ 01/07/2013 17:51  

You guys raised £87.75 to push stella up tbe hill :-)

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Brummie Jackie @ 01/07/2013 17:56  


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shelleygirl @ 01/07/2013 18:10  

Will there be another collection to get her down again?

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XKLYBR @ 01/07/2013 18:10  

great ride, great weather, great people. thanks bj.

   Update Reply
sladey @ 01/07/2013 21:03  

What a brilliant day,thanx Jackie nice to see some old faces(Ped),
Thanx again JACKIExxx,

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Onearmbandit52 @ 02/07/2013 20:26  

Special thanks to Jackie and everyone else for arranging - great ride out and brill egg and bacon buttie at the cafe - plus sunshine - what more could you ask for. Great to meet you, Sandi, and to see Jen looking so well. You all make everyone feel so welcome - looking forward to the next one ... Fi

   Update Reply
Saltaire @ 02/07/2013 21:19  

Great to meet you too Fi Thanks to GrainyKev and andyadams for their pics;page=1

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 02/07/2013 23:35  

Thanks Jackie. It was nice to meet you and all the other crazy dudes en route. Nice venue too.

   Update Reply
Rutger @ 16/07/2013 17:47  

Thanks for the pics Wills

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 16/07/2013 18:02  

 Posts: 212       Pages: 11/11

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