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Giz a lift?

Giz a lift? - Forums [Biker Match] Giz a lift? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Giz a lift?

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How exactly does the lift request work . Two people camping separately is an awful lot of gear to put on one bike . Or , is one expected to have a houseguest for the weekend. ? Or, is it realy just for the car campers to fill one car with gear and the passengers to arrive on a bike . ? Or ,,,, any other suggestions ? Coz I can't think how else it would work . Dusty x

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dustin666 @ 17/02/2013 17:39  

Giz a lift does not only apply to camping. Altho 2 wiz gear needs a bit o thort.

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XKLYBR @ 17/02/2013 19:58  

I understand the .giz a lift' on a ride out . No problem there . I was wondering about the camping scenario in particular . Dusty x

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dustin666 @ 17/02/2013 20:32  

well i gues you sort it out with them dont you?? surely for rallies etc no one would expect you to take all their tent,. sleeping bag, etc as well as yours??!! pmsl i dunno never really thought about it i would say pm the person who you are willing to take and sort it between you?? just as suggestion.... talking is always a good option pmsl

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xSuzix @ 17/02/2013 20:35  

I collected Bartonbell and took her to Rumble in the Marshes No problem Took all the gear for both of us to camp seperately If you want to do it it "can" be done I think the pics are still on events Not seen her since though

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Emzed @ 17/02/2013 20:51  

When I've taken mates to rallies we've always got someone who's riding solo to take the extra gear, but a lot of the time there was about 10 of us so it was easy.

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Ragnar @ 17/02/2013 20:53  

Please note it is possible for friends of the opposite sex to share a tent. This makes it a damn site easier to pack luggage.

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XKLYBR @ 17/02/2013 20:58  

I don't have a tent, but don't mind taking a pillion who's paying for the B&B

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Deleted Member @ 17/02/2013 21:04  

Now yr just taking the pillion, ft...

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XKLYBR @ 17/02/2013 21:09  

@ 7.62 , brilliant idea . I support that 100% Dusty x .

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dustin666 @ 17/02/2013 21:30  

I offered to take camping gear etc to the Kiss2 rally last year and we filled my Mondeo estate right up with kit that allowed folks to travel light on the bikes. It worked well, and we did it just by swapping messages in the week before.

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Wills @ 17/02/2013 21:33  

hi XK re . sharing your tent with a friend of the opposite sex . Well of course I meant a woman . I'm not gonner take a bloke on my bike or share my tent with a bloke am I ? Ya Perv . Lol . Dusty x

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dustin666 @ 17/02/2013 21:59  

Why not Dusty Don't you have mates of the same gender who you can trust Or is it that you don't trust yourself And what's wrong with giving a bloke a lift I've travelled thousands of miles with male pillions And pillioned with loads of blokes Never given it a second thought Pillion seats aren't a female preserve It's just a seat for a passenger

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 17/02/2013 23:38  

It is possible to tent share with a mate of either gender....just have to make sure everybody is clear about whether hanky panky is on the agenda or not

Ability to giggle is a must though

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Minnie the Minx @ 17/02/2013 23:49  

We are getting way off the topic of '' If you put your name down on an event as a person offering a lift . What does this entail ''?
Friends on the back , no problemo .
Friends in a tent , no problemo.



Now then , if anyone knows ' what is expected from a potential '' lift giver'' please reply on this thread .
Dusty x

p.s. Minnie , the thought of hanky panky had never
crossed my mind .
OMG , my pants are on fire , and my hair is sticking up like a telephone wire ......

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dustin666 @ 18/02/2013 10:18  

If you offer a lift thats it a lift no more no less fuel cost should be shared

   Update Reply
JP @ 18/02/2013 10:26  

I guess this must be due to my old school nature, but surely a "biker's" priority should be having their own bike on the road & going to a rally secondary to that.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/02/2013 10:32  

Thanks JP, some wisdom at last .
Only the use of the back seat for half the fuel costs .
So that's a cheaper trip for me and more people's company to enjoy at the event .
I like the sound of that , thanks .
Dusty x

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 18/02/2013 10:39  

Flat tracker unfortunately some folk are not in a position to afford a bike. It could be be someone is just getting into the bike scene and needs that bit of a push to go out and take the plunge in buying a bike maybe there a learner and the run is just too far for there bike or there skill level or she has a great ass lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 18/02/2013 10:47  

Well if she has a great arse & likes plunging, count me in ....I thought we'd ruled out that sort of stuff earlier on this thread ....haha

I'll never ride pillion though as a matter of pride, too many threats of fines & threats of being busted down to prospect, when I've had a bike off the road, in the past have made me this way.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/02/2013 10:57  

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