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General Chat/Anything Goes

beer or wine ?

beer or wine ? - Forums [Biker Match] beer or wine ? - Forums [Biker Match]
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beer or wine ?

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who likes what ? and why ? me i like a beer and a cuppa (but not at the same time Mr Shaggy

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Mr Shaggy @ 19/08/2007 14:48  

Beer and Wine, You'll be fine. Wine and Beer, You'll be queer!!

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cbrbabe @ 19/08/2007 14:52  

Beer in Winter Lager/cider in Summer. Wine (red) if nowt else in the house. Anything, if someone else's paying for it lol

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Blueboy955i @ 19/08/2007 15:04  

apperently I drank all forms of alcohol last night so I guess it doesnt really matter in my case

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oggy @ 19/08/2007 15:34  

white wine, or bacardi and coke will do me just fine! Used to luv diamond white - not now eeekk

   Update Reply
scattygal35 @ 19/08/2007 16:05  

nice cabernet savignon from a high altitude grown grape apparently is higher in the good stuff that can protect yure heart!!so Chilean an Argentine reds is good!!any excuse is good!!like imported german lagers as thier purity laws are good!!so not to much additives unlike british sh..!like real ale sometimes directors bitter!!always have alcohol with food or food with alcohol! doesnt overwhelm your liver with to much alcohol at once doesnt stop yu gettin p.....!but slightly less nauseous in the mornin!! so endeth the lesson!!class dismissed!!

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tangoman60 @ 19/08/2007 16:13  

speakin of food did the gentleman enjoy a drink with his snack scatt?

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 19/08/2007 16:17  

lol he enjoyed a pint of stella!!

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scattygal35 @ 19/08/2007 16:54  

Im with you on this one Mr Shaggy, I like wine but gives me a bad head. For me you cant beat a good cuppa first thing in the morning, a chilled lager on a warm summers day or savouring the flavours of a real ale/bitter in a nice country pub!

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2007 18:13  

Beer or wine? Neither lol Lager or tea, especially TEA

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 19/08/2007 19:27  


   Update Reply
RC @ 19/08/2007 19:31  

single malt preferably 10+ years old. hmmmm

   Update Reply
notsobigmac @ 19/08/2007 19:43  

Newcastle Brown,bottles not cans.
Southern Comfort+ice
and on the rare scorcher we do get cider

however some of these shots my daughter has been introducing me to are quite interesting......

Wow Tango,what a dapper chappie

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 19/08/2007 19:49  

cheers cassie drinks on me!!!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 20/08/2007 07:11  

gotta have a cuppa 1st thing im the morning. but beer when i'm out, dont like lager gives me headache after half a pint

   Update Reply
tagon @ 20/08/2007 07:27  

several pots of tea is a must in the morning!!wiv a full engish ,hangover cure!![my left ventricle is closing as i speak!!]

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 20/08/2007 08:00  

[my left ventricle is closing as i speak!!] What's happening with the right one, is it ajar?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/08/2007 08:18  

sometimes feel like both are closed![dead!]lifetime of dairy produce!![parents thought fat was good then!no skimmed milk then.]]red meat an copius amounts of alcohol!!but can still run for the bus[gotta bus pass!!!]without puffin!!well not to much anyway.

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 20/08/2007 09:06  

sorry meant to pste a piccy but wrong forum

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 20/08/2007 09:07  

RUN for a BUS??? Crikey just the thought of that puffs me out

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/08/2007 09:09  

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