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General Chat/Anything Goes

beer or wine ?

beer or wine ? (5) - Forums [Biker Match] beer or wine ? (5) - Forums [Biker Match]
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beer or wine ?

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wine is i think better, more bag 4 ur buck's, + you don't have 2 get up so often 4 a p*ss in the middle of the night at a camp site.

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2007 13:41  

ps, already on the ale,bet you all noticed the error,it's open season on the furry

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2007 13:44  

would really love a great big mug of tea this morning,even better if someone made me it!!

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witchiest @ 13/09/2007 06:09  

i agree witchiest lol

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ladyrider @ 13/09/2007 06:19  

if my tardis was in working order i would whizz up to scunthorpe and make u one ladyrider,and sam would come up and give u some cuddles too!

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witchiest @ 13/09/2007 06:24  

How do you like your tea jen (witchiest) without sugar cause your sweet enough right. other than a nice cup of ty-phoo, i like me rum mon all the way from the carribean mon

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scaffmantriumph @ 14/09/2007 22:09  

Anyone got any coffee?can't wake up without my fix

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Deleted Member @ 15/09/2007 05:33  

Got loads Cassie, I`ve been up since 6am so have probs drunk about a jar of the stuff since then!!

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Speedy Claire @ 15/09/2007 10:31  

6am on a Saturday? Is this work-related, move-related or just caffeine-induced hyperactivity? Or even your natural state? I just don't do 6am in my normal state, tho' with new shift patterns I might have to. Can't say I'm looking forward to it..

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Wills @ 15/09/2007 10:39  

Move related Wills... there`s no way I`d have been up otherwise lol. Finally feel like i`m getting somewhere now tho. Most of packing done, most of house cleaned but i`m going to have to do several trips to the tip tomor. My back is totally done in and i`m covered in bruises!! roll on Monday

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Speedy Claire @ 15/09/2007 10:49  

 Posts: 90       Pages: 5/5

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