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Santa Tracker

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So he's started on his deliveries Follow Santa and see when he's due to deliver your prezzies, that way you'll know if you've been a good boy/girl If he passes by, you aint been good Happy Xmas all

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 24/12/2012 15:07  

How come no one ever sees him delivering? Has he got one of those invisibility cloaks?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/12/2012 15:11  

Cos we're all in bed when he comes round and he's a cross between the invisible man and Billy Whiz

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 24/12/2012 15:18  

oh no i'm not.....x

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 24/12/2012 15:22  

LOL Doc, we've got a member on here by the name of Billy Whizz, I don't think we've got an invisible man tho I've been good, I've no got anyone to be bad with

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/12/2012 15:33  

I'm not convinced by this be good all year lark. Be good for 364 days just to get a present on one day. More fun to be naughty for 364 days and not worry too much about a present you'll probably sell on eBay anyway. Besides, last year I said I wanted a larger bank account and a smaller belly; Santa got that the wrong bloody way round; lol. Have a good Christmas everyone. Shops close in an hour so I'm off to do the Christmas shopping.

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 24/12/2012 15:50  

Think there's even one of Santa's little helpers on here too intorducing: Crissy2012

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 24/12/2012 15:52  


   Update Reply
Crissy2012 @ 25/12/2012 09:20  

"oh no he isn't" "oh yes he is"

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 25/12/2012 12:21  

lmao Sandi........................HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!!!................give him a kick!!!

   Update Reply
Crissy2012 @ 25/12/2012 17:51  

364 days till the next one Crissy is Santa gonna give yer some time off for good behaviour??

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 26/12/2012 01:00  

No good behaviour from me next year!!!!!! making sure im top of the naughty list!!!!!!

   Update Reply
Crissy2012 @ 26/12/2012 09:43  

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