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General Chat/Anything Goes

What made you want to rip somebodies head off today?

What made you want to rip somebodies head off today? (3) - Forums [Biker Match] What made you want to rip somebodies head off today? (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What made you want to rip somebodies head off today?

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Deffo, When we had our dog put to sleep all of our family were in tears, especially my 6 yr old nephew, he'd lost his play mate it was the right thing to do though even though it was a hard decision make.

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Bluey1450 @ 03/09/2012 20:30  

Its extremely hard to do isnt it Jinx, then the guilt feelings kick right in, its so natural to feel that way , no more suffering for Albert dawg... hes chasing Cats again now ...

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Deleted Member @ 03/09/2012 22:27  

Being shafted every which way but Sunday by Insurance Companies!! Change of address.. £25 admininstration fee!!! £89 extra on the original policy!!!

But.. but.. BUT.. and I quote!!

"Oh don't worry madam.. it's not going to come out as a lump sum.. it will be added to your monthly payments.."

Oh whooooooooo bloooooody hoooooo! I think she expected me to say "Thank You"!!

And I shan't even tell you about the extra £186 for the car.. cos I am on the verge of swearing like a fish wife.. Mood is definately volatile right now... so much for peace love and light.. struggling to extend it to Aviva!!!

Omg.. Im so ANGRY!!

AND I didn't even know when I took it out it was with Aviva.. it was a sub company!! Bliddy bliddy bliddy hell man!!

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rockchickeelicious @ 10/09/2012 17:48  

Hav a Drambuie ffs

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XKLYBR @ 10/09/2012 18:08  

The idiot in Brighton yesterday who asked me yesterday if my bike was my C**K, I think he was trying to say is my bike an extension of my penis, well no it's not Tw@t.!!!! Wished I'd got off my bike now, wonder what he would have done.....

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Bluey1450 @ 10/09/2012 19:08  

I would have paid to see that Bluey...(you getting off your bike i mean )...

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Deleted Member @ 10/09/2012 19:09  

Shud hav said, 'No, it's an entension of my fist'

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XKLYBR @ 10/09/2012 19:26  

people discussing my private life to the whole world on facebook

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zzrbabe42 @ 10/09/2012 20:28  

Virgin media customer service calling me up to ask why I cancelled my order for tv, Internet and phone package.....they bloody well told me a day after I ordered it they couldn't install it as they have no more room at the exchange for a phone line...... Now this call 6 days ihad to explain they actually had called me to say it neededto be they said we can do you just tv and Internet sir,...but at around £8 more a month...Hang on less services but more cost!...yes sir buts do you think I'm stupid?'s a good deal sir!....... Ok how can I put this..." go forth and multiply" and on that I switched of my mobile!

Arse holes!

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johnnytb @ 11/09/2012 03:59  

Someone reading Forums twisting what I say then accusing me of abandoning my children!! All at a time Ive had a total nutter break into my house and scare my girls!! Ive not slept a wink since ONE day at NABD..Ive not left the house for one second!! Have I said anywhere on BM since the breakin that Im going out on my bike & leaving my girls alone?? Nope!!! Talk about paranoia and knowing how to kick me so hard when Im already down??? NOW this post IS about you..yet not one person on here will know who you are!!

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2012 07:36  

Pm sent Rose.......... xx

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2012 08:52  

Thank you Jen xx lots of love & ((hugs)) xx

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2012 09:18  

Rose tell him 2 f/off and die cos thats what he needs 2 do hes a grade a phsycho we luv yah hun xx

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 11/09/2012 09:23  

Youve got tons of support and love Rose....xx

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2012 09:28  

Thanks girls xx just need to keep strong..not allow any breakin or anything get to me anymore!! Im a good person. I dont need to be made to feel negative..I WILL.bounce back again!! Im not changing who I am..I like being a nice person. I treat folk the way Id expect them to treat me..but sometimes that doesnt happen. Im not going to let anyone intimidate me anymore!!

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Deleted Member @ 11/09/2012 14:57  

Chin up MissFJR - Karma will find a way
People who think they're right and you're wrong, when they just have a different view to you and both are valid. ESPECIALLY when they go out of their way to make you feel like an idiot/bad person for holding that opinion or taking certain actions.

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Daytonanancy @ 13/09/2012 15:18  

Facebook - generally FB is useful for keeping in touch with distant friends, sharing photos, and getting cute pictures of kittens/puppies or anything else that takes your fancy. What I cannot comprehend is why people go out of their way to 'like' a page about a subject and then slag off said subject!? Point in case - guy likes a page about cats (and dogs) - then proceeds to call cats a waste of space bird killers. I absolutely agree he is entitled to his view, and as much as I love cats and have one of my own I can sort of see his point, but why post such a comment on a page dedicated to the love of cats and dogs?! Is there some kind of sick/perverse pleasure these people get in winding up others? Are their lives so devoid of simple pleasures that they get a kick out of 'teasing' people in such a way? Lets just hope he comes back as a cat in the next life!

   Update Reply
Daytonanancy @ 18/09/2012 17:08  

Letter from yorkshire police after rock n bike.....Caught on camera at 98mph....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr snarl

   Update Reply
wenders @ 18/09/2012 23:49  

Bloody Hell Wenders! that took time, you don't need that like a hole in the Head with your new Job!!

   Update Reply
Viking Tel @ 19/09/2012 05:22  

ooops....ask to see the pics, i'll practically guarentee theres a get out!

   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 19/09/2012 08:09  

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