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What product was advertised by ...... (just some fun)

What product was advertised by ...... (just some fun) - Forums [Biker Match] What product was advertised by ...... (just some fun) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What product was advertised by ...... (just some fun)

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Sorry slightly bored today , so i thought i would annoy you all with some daftness.

Person who answers just carry on with the next clue ok :)

What was advertised in the 70s using a Toucan ??

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 31/05/2012 14:31  

I remember one with alcohol... i think erm.. maybe im wrong lol..

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 31/05/2012 20:17  

'Twas Guinness I'm sure!!!!

what product did the little metal men giggle about??

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/06/2012 18:36  

Was smash ( for mash get smash )

What did the woman in the hot air balloon advertise?

   Update Reply
TigerTim @ 02/06/2012 18:45  

Bread (nimble) What company told us to .....Have a cracking christmas ?

   Update Reply
bkr @ 02/06/2012 20:38  

Jacobs Who were famous for advertising "Beer at Home" ?

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 02/06/2012 21:57  


What were "tasty,tasty,very very tasty"

   Update Reply
TigerTim @ 02/06/2012 22:18  

What were "tasty,tasty,very very tasty" - Kelloggs bran flakes!!

Who's grandson got an 'ology' and how was this information put across to the viewer?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/06/2012 23:35  

beatie on the phone ...If he's got an ology Sorry emzed not jacobs ..this ad cost a fortune to make & had many tv celebs and we were told to have a cracking christmas at ?

   Update Reply
bkr @ 03/06/2012 06:20  


What were made to make your mouth water?

   Update Reply
TigerTim @ 03/06/2012 07:44  

Opal Fruits!!!!!!

What was - .suffused with herbs and spices from four continents ?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/06/2012 08:41  

cinzano bianco all because the lady loves ?

   Update Reply
bkr @ 03/06/2012 10:01  

Milk Tray!!!!!!

what put the freshness back?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/06/2012 11:38  

Shake & vac What product did Henry Cooper splash all over?

   Update Reply
bkr @ 03/06/2012 11:55  


What has a hazelnut in every bite?

   Update Reply
TigerTim @ 03/06/2012 12:36  

Topic choccy bar!!!

'by 'eck it's gorgeous'!!!.....what was it?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/06/2012 16:06  

boddingtons beer
what product did Ted Moult try to sell us ?

   Update Reply
bkr @ 03/06/2012 21:44  

Everest Double Glazing!!!

'She's wearing...she isn't ....she is'!!!!

What was it?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/06/2012 21:54  

Silverkrin hairspray

What were you told to go to work on?

   Update Reply
TigerTim @ 04/06/2012 08:29  

An EGG I thought prev question was Harmony Hairspray Get busy with a fizzy ?

   Update Reply
bkr @ 04/06/2012 08:54  

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