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Join the BM Events Team!

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Join the BM Events Team!

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About a year ago we set up the BM Events Team to officially recognise and thank those of you who contribute to the site by organising ride outs, rallies, BBQs, pub visits etc.

As with all social sites however, a lot of those volunteers have now moved on.

15 people have therefore been removed from the team for the time being (though are always welcome to join again when they come back to the site).

I'm now looking to hear from people all over the country who regularly help organise events for BMers. If you find yourself organising ride outs or helping out as a marshall at BM events, please let me know and I will put you on the team.

It is initially a voluntary position but those who show dedication to the site and continually organise events will be given free membership.
You will also receive "Site Staff' status on your profile and you will be invited each year to the free Staff Christmas Dinner.

Thank-you to everyone who helps to make BM what it is. We had 2,000 events in the past 12 months and that wouldn't be possible without your hard work and dedication.

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Matt @ 09/05/2012 19:43  

I might be interested in this again matt :)

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 09/05/2012 19:46  

Hey that's great. Good to see you back and getting involved

Note: There will be a requirement from now on for all members of the events team to add events to the calendar. More than half the team as of this morning hadn't added a single event in the last 6 months (hence the team is now trimmed down by 15 members)

PM me once you're sure you want to join the team and can spare the time to help out.


   Update Reply
Matt @ 09/05/2012 20:22  

ok will have a think before I plunge myself in :) make sure i can deliver :)

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 09/05/2012 22:30  

Bloody hell, there ain't many of us left are there; lol.

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 09/05/2012 23:42  

knock knock ................................ hello ? .................... hello anyone there ................. lol , {good call matt}

   Update Reply
mad mic @ 10/05/2012 08:03  

Matt would it be possable to have a link that goes from the event page to the thread. not just from the thread to the event page ?

   Update Reply
JP @ 10/05/2012 08:30  

Roll up roll up ................

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 10/05/2012 09:26  

JP, that will be done when I'm feeling better because it's not a small task.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 10/05/2012 10:42  

I`ll enjoy keeping an eye on this thread to see if any of those who post whining about how things should be run step up

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/05/2012 11:33  

No worrys matt just a thought maybe something for much later in the year when the site goes quite or when other stuff being tryed

   Update Reply
JP @ 10/05/2012 11:42  

mm thinking adout it

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 10/05/2012 15:03  

Mmmmmmmmmmm... interestinger and interestinger... I keep thinking to myself how there are not enough things "up north" and I asked to be adopted by the Scotland Squad.. who duly did so! Many Thanks!! I don't whine or complain about it though.. but twould be lush to have more stuff in Newcastle and Northumberland.. but.. wouldn't have a clue where to start! There are also two regular bike meets here.. never advertised in BM.. which is a shame... again.. perhaps I could forward the details and be more proactive than just "think to myself" If I had a bit of a clue.. and more than a gingerbread crumb to follow.. it could provide a wee bit of excitement... These are just thoughts in my head I normally keep to myself but am actually sharing... Ok.. if you got this far.. you deserve a hug.. Be Lush!! "Lush Rally" sound kinda.. lush.. doesn't it

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rockchickeelicious @ 10/05/2012 16:48  

please add any local regular events to the calendar. Sandi will approve it if all the details are filled in and then I can duplicate it over the rest of the year.

The calendar is getting pretty full at the moment with local weekly events, some are often not very busy. I might have to start considering soon which regular events are allowed to be in the calendar (like only those who promote BikerMatch in return, say some flyers and cards available at their pubs/cafes)

   Update Reply
Matt @ 10/05/2012 16:58  

These are actually really quite massive... Have been too shy to go because they are so big!! But have bike.. will ride hiding blushes under crash helmet.. fingers crossed in next couple of weeks and forward it all to Sandi... and ask that BM can be promoted there some way too.. The Local Paper is still interested in running a story about BM.. they just want to wait for "an appropriate time" but thats another conversation.. sorry!!

   Update Reply
rockchickeelicious @ 10/05/2012 17:06 only those who promote BikerMatch in return, say some flyers and cards available at their pubs/cafes Mm that sounds familiar Matt

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 10/05/2012 19:05  

Hardly 2000 BM events!! .......... you mean 2000 events advertised on BM ?? which is not the same

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 10/05/2012 21:27  

ditto that mistress K , only BM events started /held /sponsored by BM can be classed as is , hijacking vickybikerspub or the like, cant be classed as ,

   Update Reply
mad mic @ 10/05/2012 22:46  

I have no track of which are BM-only events and which are public events in the calendar. But still - 2,000 events in the calendar, largely added by members of the events team, is probably the most comprehensive list of UK biker events available.

And let's not take any credit away from the fantastic events team who work damned hard organising fun stuff for you all to do.

Besides, I never said they were all BM events. I said "We had 2,000 events in the past 12 months".

   Update Reply
Matt @ 11/05/2012 00:09  

Mic, we don't "Hijack" a pub. We organise for BMers to meet on certain nights of the week at certain places. IMO if you can see on the calendar a group of BMers going to a public place at a specific time and you go there to meet the other BMers then it's a BM event.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 11/05/2012 00:17  

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