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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Giddy Kippers trip to Matlock Sunday 15th

Giddy Kippers trip to Matlock Sunday 15th  - Forums [Biker Match] Giddy Kippers trip to Matlock Sunday 15th  - Forums [Biker Match]
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Giddy Kippers trip to Matlock Sunday 15th

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OK folks following the considerable success of the trip to Rivvy Barn this weekend and to make it easier for the Midlands Farmers. How about a meet next Sunday at Matlock Bath and your names to the list!


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IanT1966 @ 09/04/2012 14:55  

Going IanT1966


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Riggy66 @ 09/04/2012 15:18  

Ian what time are you suggesting meeting...might be able to make this one dependant on timing

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Deleted Member @ 09/04/2012 15:44  

Hi Shoei, time is from 12 onwards, basically get there when you can, but if we all aim to be there by 1pm that would be good

Going IanT1966


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IanT1966 @ 09/04/2012 16:00  

Enjoyed the run to Rivvi so could well be up for this,will be up early to watch the f1 gp so meeting for that sort of time sounds good,will confirm nearer the time,would prefer to ride down with some company,any ideas of any meeting places and times?

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Sprint900 @ 09/04/2012 16:15  

Sprint - you wanting the motorway route?

I'll be going the wrong side of the peak district for you - I think.

   Update Reply
Riggy66 @ 09/04/2012 16:20  

sorry i cant go off to a rally but have a great time everyone xx
was great to meet u sprint x

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 09/04/2012 16:22  

thats no problem,thought it was a bit steady on sunday though the weather didn't encourage fast riding anyway

   Update Reply
Sprint900 @ 09/04/2012 16:24  

Yeah, I`ll make one. this will be my first time meeting the BMers so time, meeting place would be appreciated. Dave

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 09/04/2012 16:44  

Riggy prefer scenery to the m1 so will let you know,its only 20 minutes to you from Leeds so thats not a problem

   Update Reply
Sprint900 @ 09/04/2012 16:49  

Sprint - no pilly and no speedy cameras (the first 20 miles anyway) the way I'm going on Sunday.
Oh the freedom!

   Update Reply
Riggy66 @ 09/04/2012 16:56  

Hiya T1966 .....
Could be up for this dunno on work yet but as a suggestion bm ers usually meet up at the cafe with the big ice cream cones just along from bikers gearbox cant miss them lol.....

   Update Reply
nellie @ 09/04/2012 19:41  

Thanks for that input Nellie sounds Like a suitable meeting place.
Giddy Kippers R us

   Update Reply
IanT1966 @ 09/04/2012 19:44  

North Parade (outside the ice cream shop and the cafe next door) Matlock Bath Derbyshire DE4 3NR Ian I've taken the liberty of adding this venue to the calendar

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 09/04/2012 22:03  

All enjoy matlock a great place to go

   Update Reply
rossi 64 @ 09/04/2012 22:31  

might make this one, depends on the weather

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 10/04/2012 00:33  

yep, depending on the weather I'm planning on being there..

..ive never been so hopefully the giant ice cream cones are obvious :)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/04/2012 08:06  

Neil - somehow I don't think you'll miss them. Besides - when I see you you're in trouble (I promise you'll enjoy the punishment)

   Update Reply
Riggy66 @ 10/04/2012 11:46  

Everyone start praying for some sun, please.

Anyone wanting to do the Holme Moss / Glossop / Peaks run to Matlock please meet at:
The Waggon and Horses, 805 New Hay Road, HD3 3YP
at about 11 to leave at half past.
It's nearly a two-hour ride so we'll need to set off on time, please.
Anyone unsure how to get to the Waggon from Jnct 24 of the M62 - PM me for directions.

   Update Reply
Riggy66 @ 10/04/2012 11:52  

Cant make this one unfortunately, getting car ready for next rally the week after :( Hope y'all have top sunny calm summery weather ... but I know it'll rain hahaha :)

   Update Reply
chris.sheridan @ 10/04/2012 13:49  

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