Messaging / PM'ing issues

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Anyone having problems with their messaging side of their account?

Not sure if those I've messaged haven't received my message at their end even though it shows on my side as having been sent, or if they have messaged me and I haven't been able to receive it for some reason?

Yes it could be that the person has simply decided not to reply back for some reason, I accept this but I was messaging to a couple of people on here often and now heard nothing, so not sure if there's a tech issue or (and I hope this is not the case) that they have chosen not to keep in touch.

Hence just asking the question if anyone else is having a similar issue?
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I haven't noticed anything untowards in relation to PM's Neophyte.

You can see in your sent messages whether they have been read by looking at the bottom left corner. One green tick means it's been sent but is unread & two green ticks means it's has been opened/read by the recipient.

There is one person I have PMd who hasn't read the PM's I've sent in ages but I know that person hasnt logged on for a while.

Hope the above helps and that you haven't got a gremlin!

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All's well in the end.

Thanks for posting Lindsay.  I know about the green ticks, but as it has been a while and I had nothing I did wonder if there was a problem.  However, someone has been kind enough to message me so things are working fine after all. Thumbs Up
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In: Tell you later
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All the women folk were just ignoring you buddy Disapprove
They are cruel LOL
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Woo Woo Blu

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I've had problems with messages going astray when I use different devices... ok from work PC (ssshhh don't tell the boss) but vanished into cyberspace when I use my laptop at home!?!?!?!
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I have had the same problem as you Woo woo Unhappy                                                                                                                                                                             

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