Trip to Ireland

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Hi all, Im after some help from you lovely people please.Ive decided to go to Ireland for a week in August and would be grateful of some info on routes ,b&bs etc so i can get started in planning it all.All info gladly received Cheers Sue                                                                                                                                                                              
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Hi Sue!
Sure you'll have already looked into it but....
Wild Atlantic Way - Donegal to Clare. 2,500 km of coastal road.
Check out...

N we've got a good contingent of faithful BM'ers over the water. Am sure they'll all bombard you with pukka gen sooniohs. 

Happy planning!
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Hi Sue!! Well I'm going to Ireland  to do the Wild Atlantic way so in the sort of situation of booking B&Bs along the route n looking for the biker friendly ones !! So if the good folk know any good B&B's around  would be good to hear of them !! 
Many thanks 
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The south west is awesome. If your doing the ring of kerry, which you must, I recommend the north coast out west, cos it's fun to ride, then look for the single track roads back through the middle (look at a map and you'll see what I mean), spectacular scenary through the gap. The south road is kinda boring.
As for accommodation there are loads of choices, and everyone is biker friendly these days.
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Hi Steve_H n hey thanks for telling me about thouse routes n about the B&Bs will certainly have a look at them juzt trying to plan a route as going to try and spend Two weeks there                                                                                                                                                                              

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