Trip to Scotland

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In: Hereford
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Hi I'm looking for someone to join me on a trip to Scotland end of May for 4 to 5 days.camoing out sight seeing touring around the highlands maybe up to Durness to.
I'm in Hereford I ride a Honda Africa twin 750
I'm a steady rider .

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Diesel Pete

In: Gateshead
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Some lovely spots to wild camp up there Jason, particularly around Applecross.

Africa Twin? Top bike and going up in value rapidly these days as all the adv' riders want them

Have a great time Beer
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In: Hereford
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Cheers buddy
I'm already making a list for the trip.
Might go on my own this year.
Just pray the Weathers ok.
I got all the kit so should be ok.
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In: Dundee
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If your heading up that way I would recommend this place, stayed there before it's fantastic, spotlessly clean and good value, worth a lot more.
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In: Edinburgh
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If you need any help with routes or info can send me a Pm happy to help.

Not sorting any Scottish tours this year as busy with Euro ones but have loads of routes Thumbs Up
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In: Dundee
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This is a great campsite - in the pub's back garden!                                                                                                                                                                             
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In: NA
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applecross certainly worth a visit, Eilean donan castle, william wallace memorial fantastic roads n scenery                                                                                                                                                                             
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In: Buckley
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Going up earlier in the month on the 18th but staying in digs on Skye for the duration and riding out from there daily, enjoy the trip , hope you get more to go


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