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Tyre price - being ripped off?

Tyre price - being ripped off? - Forums [Biker Match] Tyre price - being ripped off? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Tyre price - being ripped off?

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Ok I need to know if I'm being ripped off in Holland.

Can someone tell me what a good price would be for the following tyre installed on a loose wheel...

Bridgestone BT 023 180/55 17 GT

For my Blackbird.

The price here in Holland is from 180-280 euros for one tyre installed!!!

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Matt @ 03/04/2012 13:56  

My local fitter lists a price of £127 for fitting the above tyre to a loose wheel.

According to Expedia, that equates to around 150 euro.

So I'd suggest that 180 is a little high and 280 is taking the proverbial!

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geoffb2005 @ 03/04/2012 14:04  

i'm looking at buying the tyre new online from ebay and loads of dutch/german shops, and i can only find them for 150 euros, that's just the tyre delivered. Jeees.

Unfortunately it's totally punctured so i need to get it done here before i can ride back to England. dammit

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Matt @ 03/04/2012 14:22  

shame Matt there's a tyre place at Skegness if you could of got there, you do have troubles with your tyres

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Bikeabill @ 03/04/2012 17:24  

I paid £150 for a BT020 front weel on my Pan that was fitted and they had to remove the wheel from the bike.

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Phil @ 03/04/2012 17:26  

Get the tyre on line and fit it yourself

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JP @ 03/04/2012 17:35  

an balance it how JP? Its a high performance bike and really does make a huge difference to the ride comfort if its balanced correctly....does Matts price inc balance I wonder?
I had a bad vibration on the Guzzi, was the front wheel outa balance and I managed to cobble together a jig to get the wheel in and balanced it myself statically.....
So unless Matt sqeaky tight...then Id opt for best deal fitted inc a balance....
(not saying it cant be done at home JP and obv cheapest option)

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rossoandy21 @ 03/04/2012 17:53  

i fit all my tyre's and balance them my self but would not suggest that others do it unless there sure of what there doing

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Bikeabill @ 03/04/2012 18:16  

2 x V blocks and a maker pen its not that hard to balance a wheel

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JP @ 03/04/2012 19:10  

I put a BT 22 on the VFR in Redruth, Cornwall it was around £125 balanced and fitted for free......always good prices there but I cant remember the name...not too many there though wont be hard to find..

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Deleted Member @ 03/04/2012 19:45  

paid £105 for road pilot 3 fitted and balanced (front)

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cw @ 03/04/2012 20:07  

Paid £135 for same bt23 all in, ride in ride out.

   Update Reply
harry worth @ 03/04/2012 20:53  

put a tube in it will last till you get back to blity

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havfun @ 03/04/2012 21:06  

lol yea cos i know how to fit and balance a tyre don't I hahahaha

Found it online for 150 euros. The guy will fit it at my local shop for 20 euros (rip off I know! An hour's salary for 5 minutes work).

A mate of mine not far away might have a spare x-track day tyre for 60 euros fitted and balanced :-D

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Matt @ 04/04/2012 00:06  

Matt, how can you compare one country's prices with another? I don't get that. I wouldn't recommend used tyres. Hope you get it sorted. (And there's you thinking that living in England is rubbish, not when ya need summat doin rayt LOL)

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Sandi @ 04/04/2012 10:28  

i havent bought a new tyre for 5 years.... all my tyres are used (usually 3 laps of somewhere! lol) and ive only had a problem once with them - just check there's tread and that they look evenly worn. no problem with scrubbing them in either you would know after about 100 yds if its not right

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kwakgirl @ 04/04/2012 13:04  


Because the UK and NL should in theory be close in price.

Turns out I CAN get a tyre a the same price the Geoff mentioned but have to get it fitted then. Otherwise if I buy it through the shop it's gonna be a lot more.

And a track-day tyre normally has a hell of a lot let on it, and well scrubbed in already too. For 1/4 the price it's worth it

   Update Reply
Matt @ 04/04/2012 13:12  

KG - what was wrong with one of your tyres?

   Update Reply
Matt @ 04/04/2012 13:13  

you don't need to balance the tyres on a Harley. they don't go fast enough to cause any problems. :)

   Update Reply
Phil @ 04/04/2012 16:42  

was a bit TOO scrubbed in on one edge! lol but that one had done 3 laps of TT and was well.....fecked i suppose......but it only happened once and i know now for future reference. but i didnt fall off!

   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 04/04/2012 19:02  

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