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Quick News Roundup (Add more)

Quick News Roundup (Add more) - Forums [Biker Match] Quick News Roundup (Add more) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Quick News Roundup (Add more)

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Quick News Roundup (Feel free to add snippets) Idris Francis, 67 has lost his Human Right’s case at the European Court of Human Rights that he should not have been required to say who was driving his car when it was photographed speeding in 2001. He claimed the requirement under law breached his right to remain silent. – June 29th The Government has given a new indication that electronic tags in motorcycle number plates could be on the way. The chips would transmit a bike’s identity to roadside beacons to help police identify road tax evaders. Responding to a call from MPs, for action to reduce the number of untaxed bikes, the Government said: “DVLA has opened discussions with the motorcycle industry and motorcycle groups to discuss possible ways of reducing the problem. One possibility is that of using electronic tags to operate alongside ANPR [automatic number plate recognition] to detect offending motorcyclists. Discussions are at an early stage and no decisions have been made at this time.” – June 26th According to Government figures, only 4% of motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding, so why do we have over 5,000 speed cameras on UK roads? Why have over 12 million UK motorists been convicted by speed cameras since 1992? Why has over £700 million in fines been paid? Why have licences and livelihoods been lost for creeping over the limit by a few mph? By focusing on speeding as the main contributory factor for motorcycle accidents, we have neglected other areas, like poor road conditions, bad driving etc. Loughborough University has reported that the UK has fallen behind in accident rates compared to other European countries - our crash rate fell by only 7% between 2001 and 2005 compared with a 35% fall in France, because we have concentrated on speed and speed cameras.

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Matt @ 10/07/2007 14:50  

Bad road conditions, diesel spills ( lorries dumping at junctions ) and of course the usual " I didn't see you " claims and oh yeah, muppets chucking their bloody fag ends out the sodding car windows!!!!!!!!

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Di @ 10/07/2007 14:56  

TVAMpower - Sunday 15th July 2007, 1pm, St Crispin's School, Wokingham, Berkshire

TVAM (Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists) is holding its annual Open Day on Sunday 15th July. As well as having the chance to have your riding re-assessed (free of charge) by one of our trained Observers, there will be over a dozen trade stands ranging from suspension set up specialists to Enduro Africa and a representative of SERV, the blood & organ biking emergency service.

Come along and see how much fun biking can be while improving your own skills at the same time.

If you can't make it on the 15th July, we meet at the same location every 3rd Sunday of each month at 9am. New members will always be given a try before you buy run, so do try us.

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Berks_Biker @ 11/07/2007 01:49  

post that in a new topic mate, sounds good and im more than happy for BM to support it.

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Matt @ 11/07/2007 09:43  

Done. Thought this thread was for events, but happy to be corrected & supported. :-)

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Berks_Biker @ 12/07/2007 09:11  

nah just news really in this thread

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Matt @ 13/07/2007 13:23  

News Flash!! Kwak kills Matt, motive: witholding vital information (August will be here afore I get my copy of July's newsletter) Yours impatiently the Editor

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Sandi @ 13/07/2007 17:06  

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