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ok just for fun get ya thinkin caps on lol will post the answers up a week today


What's special about 4th May 2006, and specifically two minutes and three seconds after one o'clock in the morning?


What famous slogan was originally devised by Patrick O'Keefe for the Society of American Florists?


What connects the words sitcom, smog, brunch, muppet and cyborg?


What symbolic item did Lauren Bacall put into the urn containing Humphrey Bogart's ashes?


What upper case (capital) letter of the English alphabet requires that the pen be lifted from the paper twice (providing no lines are re-traced)?

6. Paul McGann, Peter Davidson and William Hartnell have each played the same famous sci-fi role. What's the character's name?


What is the largest English town or city never (as of 2005/06) to have been represented in the top English football division (the old First Division and now the Premier League)?


Why would the following stand no chance of being approved as official names for British racehorses? - Salisbury Cathedral, Wonderful Terminator, Sexy Disciplinarian or Sea Bee.


How much time elapses between any Sunday 29 February and (going forward in time) the next respective Tuesday 29 February? (This is not a trick question and is reasonably straight-forward to work out if you have that sort of brain...)


A conference room contains three separate wall-mounted spotlights - right, left and front of stage. Each is controlled by its own on-off switch. These three switches are numbered 1, 2 and 3, but they are in a back-room which has no sight of the the spotlights or the conference room (and there are no reflections or shadows or mirrors, and you are alone). How do you identify each switch correctly - right, left, front - if you can only enter the back-room once?


Months of the year that begin on a Sunday (other than February in non-leap-years) always have five Sundays. What other notable feature do they (including all Februarys) contain?


With what papers do you associate Sam Weller?


Where was Britain's first escalator installed?


.What do these items have in common?... Arrow, Ladder, Spanner, Hockey-Stick, T-Square, Crutch.


What was Pall Mall before it was a famous London street and brand of cigarettes?


Whose dogs? -

Albie - Argos - Bagel -
Blondi - Boatswain - Checkers, Vicky and King Timahoe - n
Gnasher -
Gromit - Kasbec Krypto - Mafia - Muttley -
Nana -
Nipper - Peritas -
Precious Pup -
Rambler -
Snert -
Snoopy -
Snowy -
Susan, Emma, Linnet, Holly and Willow -


What icon of 20th century design was the Chapman Root Glass Company of Indiana responsible for introducing in 1915?


These very old iconic symbols were responsible for what modern system? - the moon, the sun, the planet Saturn, and the Anglo-Saxon gods: Thor, Tiw, Woden, and his wife Frig.


A father took his son to hospital for emergency treatment after an accident. The doctor greeted them, but on seeing the boy, exclaimed, "I can't operate on him - he's my son!" How can this be? (The son was not adopted, nor a step-son.).


What do these British people have in common? J S Lowry, David Bowie, French and Saunders, Nigella Lawson, Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney, Jon Snow, John le Carre, Aldous Huxley, Roald Dahl, Evelyn Waugh and George Melly.

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RC @ 23/06/2007 08:39  

1. Who played Al Capone in the 1987 film, The Untouchables?

2. Which character did James Stewart play in the 1952 film, The Greatest Show On Earth?

3. Who wrote the novel On Chesil Beach?

4. What is the surname of the family in the UK TV series My Family?

5. Which instrument represents the duck in Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf?

6. Who played Richard Cunningham in the US TV show Happy Days?

7. How to Save a Life was which band's debut album?

8. Which UK TV series was based on Eric Chappell's play The Banana Box?

9. Jan Morrow and Brad Allen are characters who share a phone line in which 1959 film?

10. How many contestants' boxes feature in the (UK version) TV show Deal of No Deal?

11. By what name was rapper Christopher Wallace most famously known?

12. Who played the Russian mail-order bride in the 2001 film Birthday Girl?

13. Daisy Donovan, Iain Lee, and MacKenzie Crook were presenters on which 1990's UK TV show?

14. What is the number on the roof of the bus in the 1994 film Speed?
15. Pixel, Stingy and Stephanie appear in which children's TV programme?

16. In which year was the UK Comic Relief launched?

17. What is the name of the title character in Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman?

18. In the 1979 film Apocalypse Now which river does Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) travel up to reach Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando)?

19. What is the first name of Frank Gallagher's legal wife in the UK TV series Shameless?

20. In which US state did Buddy Holly's plane crash in 1959?

21. Nicky Hambleton-Jones presents which UK TV make-over show?

22. What was Humphrey Bogart's last film?

23. What was mixed with water to make the rain more visible on screen in the 1952 film Singing in the Rain?

24. What is the name of the family doctor in The Simpsons cartoon show?

25. Who played Domino in the 1983 Bond film Never Say Never Again?

26. Who designed the costumes for the 1997 film The Fifth Element?

27. Doctor Moriarty is the arch-enemy of which fictional detective?

28. What was the title of George Michael's first solo album?

29. Brad Pitt played one of Anthony Hopkins' three sons in which 1994 film?

30. Tall Dark and Gruesome is the title of whose autobiography?

   Update Reply
RC @ 23/06/2007 08:52  

lol rc u knicked my quiz !!!! pmsl, so i better not answer the top one as i know all the answers !!!!!!!

   Update Reply
storm @ 23/06/2007 12:06  

my answers (don't know many) Quiz 1 1 the time and date were 1/2/3/ and 4/5/6 2 Say it with flowers 4 Silver Whistle 6 Dr Who? 13 Harrods in Knightsbridge London 19 The doctor was the childs mother Quiz 2 6 Ron Howard? 27 Sherlock Holmes, but wasn't it Professor Moriarty, not Doctor?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/06/2007 12:15  

i know storm mate thats why i posted a couple more up to lmao

   Update Reply
RC @ 23/06/2007 14:08  

5, I 12, Pickwick Papers 16, Gnasher -- Denis the Menace Mutley-- Dick Dastadly Snoopy -- Charli Brown

   Update Reply
Kate5930 @ 27/06/2007 16:27  

quiz 1: 3 they're combination words 11 they've all got an unlucky Friday ther 13th 16 Blondi - Hitler Gromit - Wallace 18 the days of the week quiz 2 3 john cowper powys 5 oboe 22 the misfits (i think) that's it off the top of my head William

   Update Reply
Wills @ 27/06/2007 16:41  

quiz with a quiz - two of my answers are wrong!

   Update Reply
Wills @ 27/06/2007 16:45  

Only 3 days to go to find out, maybe between us we will have all the answers, probably not in the correct order tho, knowing us lot

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 27/06/2007 17:53  

i cant keep the questions in my head long enough to find any answers

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 28/06/2007 06:57  

tell u what ill give u a few more days with quiz hows that? lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 28/06/2007 08:08  

Lol it won't make any difference to me as I got fed up, looking for all those the answers, on day one

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 28/06/2007 12:17  

quiz 1 . answer to 14 they all where origainly made of wood

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 28/06/2007 15:19  

ok rc i got a quick quiz for you hun what do both of your quiz's have in common .

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 28/06/2007 15:24  

goooooo on tell me lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 28/06/2007 17:02  

14 snowy --- tin tin

   Update Reply
Kate5930 @ 29/06/2007 14:43  

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