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UK Motorcycle Crash Card

UK Motorcycle Crash Card (2) - Forums [Biker Match] UK Motorcycle Crash Card (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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UK Motorcycle Crash Card

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Here in Hobbit Land we have had discussions on several occasions about emergency contact numbers whilst on ride outs. Bear in mind sometimes its the first time so folk have met, you may have met a few times but even then its not a given that folk would know these details. We all tend to call each other by site name or first name only, not knowing surnames etc.

It was suggested that everybody writes their emergency details down, then its all put in 1 envelope and sealed. 1 person is then nominated to carry the info in there jacket, pannier whatever just in case.

When the ride is over, the enevelope is then destroyed.

How would you folk feel about being asked to do that ?

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Brummie Jackie @ 10/11/2011 09:46  

Jackie why destroy the info, why not get everyone to put their own info in a separate envelope marked with their name then give it back to the person, so they can keep it til next time? However, if no one knows the member, cos they've not attended before, how will they know which details belong to which member, in an emergency I mean? I'm confusing meself now

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Sandi @ 10/11/2011 11:12  

All they would need to do is mark it with the user name and reg number.

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Brummie Jackie @ 10/11/2011 11:26  

We could just all get micro chippedand a tattoo, be far more easier oooHhhh now theres a thought

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bomb doctor @ 10/11/2011 20:39  

This motorcycling looks a dangerous hobby, I think I will give up & watch tv instead!........NOT!!!!!

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Noddy1 @ 10/11/2011 23:17  

Carry the card and put it somewhere where the responders can find it. When we rock up to the scene and decide it is safe we will do a primary survey Airway Breathing Circulation. Lack of the above then the lid comes off, and an LMA goes in. If there is a pulse then we start on the secondary survey. This is a full body check and it is down to skin. Your leathers are getting cut weather you like it or not. If the patient is with someone then we at least will have a name. A quick check of the pockets will find a wallet, SOS card or bracelet and your CRASH Card. If needs be the police will do a PNC check on the bike to find the registered keeper and then contact the family. Hey presto we suddenly know a lot about you. As for the on going don't remove the crash helmet thing. If the rider is conscious and breathing then hold the head still and open the visor. If the patient vomits then the lid will have to come off otherwise you are going to kill them due to the blocked airway. If the rider is unconscious then remove the lid and place the patient in the recovery position. If the patient is unconscious and not breathing then they WILL die on you VERY quickly and you will have a very uncomfortable conversation with the coroner at the inquest. If you don't know how to remove a lid safely then go on a first aid course. Any one in the Liverpool area interested let me know and I will try and arrange one designed for bikers.

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Phil @ 11/11/2011 19:31  

heroes, every one of you..

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Junction47 @ 11/11/2011 19:56  

There are better options for example UTAG Digital USB I.C.E Dogtagthe UTAG Digital USB I.C.E Dogtag which is worn around the riders neck ok so its not free, but I cannot see how a card hidden in your helmet is of any use if your lying there unconsious and the helmet has to be removed to find it

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Deleted Member @ 14/11/2011 13:38  

If only one crash card out of the thousands handed out saves a life then the scheme has been of use.

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geoffb2005 @ 14/11/2011 21:13  

your right there Geoff

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Bikeabill @ 14/11/2011 23:09  

Had one in my lid for the past 12 months

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anneka56 @ 14/11/2011 23:22  

The dog tag thing works, you usually have two put the relevant details on it stamped of course put one on chain or equivalent and the other in boot or another appropriate place.

It's worked for the forces for over a hundred years and very seldom 'falls off' even in horrific explosions.

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Deleted Member @ 15/11/2011 08:16  

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