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UK Motorcycle Crash Card

UK Motorcycle Crash Card - Forums [Biker Match] UK Motorcycle Crash Card - Forums [Biker Match]
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UK Motorcycle Crash Card

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CRASH Card is a scheme in which motorcyclists place a card inside their crash helmet as a medic alert. The details which the rider has written on the card provide vital information for attending ambulance crews if the motorcyclist is injured in an road traffic collision. Saving valuable time and helping treatment especially if the rider is either unconscious or unable to communicate. This scheme, which has been in use for nearly two years in some parts of England, was created by the committee of the Ambulance Motorcycle Club a group of experienced Paramedics and ambulance staff who are passionate about motorcycling. The card also has a mnemonic “CRASH” which gives helpful advice if a rider comes across a road traffic collision. Ian Burrell Chairman Ambulance Motorcycle Club comments: “We know that riders are more likely than any other road user to stop at the scene of an accident and offer to help. CRASH is an excellent way of helping the emergency services get the right resources to the scene as quickly as possible and we hope riders who stop to help will use their own card to provide information when calling 999.” Hayden Newton, Chief Executive of the East of England Ambulance Service, is delighted to be backing the initiative and being a keen biker himself said “I am thrilled that the ambulance service is supporting such an excellent initiative, both from a professional point of view and as a keen motorcyclist myself.” The CRASH card is accompanied by an explanatory letter which contains a self adhesive green dot. The letter explains that riders should affix the dot to the right hand side of their helmets or visor to help alert the attending medical staff to the presence of the card. The letter also shows how to fill out the card and explains that only trained professionals should remove an injured rider’s crash helmet. CRASH Cards are free to motorcyclists and can be collected from a number of locations across the country.

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bomb doctor @ 08/11/2011 17:50  

"..The letter also shows how to fill out the card and explains that only trained professionals should remove an injured rider’s crash helmet.."

I was going to bring this point up.. thinking there must be a better place to keep the card(?) As an alternative, the green dot indicates to the ambulance crew that the rider is 'carrying' the card? In the 'left' boot, for example. Not keen on anyone being over-eager to remove my lid (again)...

   Update Reply
Junction47 @ 09/11/2011 01:27  

i brought this subject up in February and suggested it would be better if the card was in a jacket pocket

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 09/11/2011 04:28  

Yes bit stupid having to take a helmet off as that's the last thing thay do dogtag better idea works for forces all over the world

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JP @ 09/11/2011 05:00  

The idea is that if you put it in your helmet lining, then it's likely to stay there whereas if it's in your jacket pocket/boot etc it could be taken/fall out.

The system isn't perfect, I got a card for both myself and Rach sometime ago and yes you are able to put your details on the card but there isn't an entry for next of kin/emergency phone number etc so I had to write these on the back.

But better this than them not knowing who I am.

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geoffb2005 @ 09/11/2011 07:09  

Have to agree that in the helmet does seem a wee bit daft to a degree

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Brummie Jackie @ 09/11/2011 09:37  

But better this than them not knowing who I am. Geoff had an 'off' some time ago, and was lying in the road unconcious. Along came the paramedics. 'Who's this?' says one. 'Who cares, ugly fat bast**d', is the reply. So they roll him into the ditch. This is where Roachy found him the next day.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 09/11/2011 09:50  

No system will ever be perfect. IMHO if all riders carried a CRASH card then if you came across an off, you use your card to relay the vital information to the emergency services. It is then upto the medical services to remove the casualties helmet to gain the personal information.

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 09/11/2011 10:10  

Always assuming the helmet is still on the riders head after the accident and the helmet can be found by the emergency workers. Same applies to dog tags and anything else that comes off during the accident.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 09/11/2011 10:20  

sandi that cherd me up no end

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 09/11/2011 10:23  

put i.c.e on you phone for next of kine numder i was told be dont no if it true

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 09/11/2011 10:26  

I also use ICE on my phone. The only draw back would be if you need a pin to unlock your phone then the Emergency Services will be unable to access the information. TIPS<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
For the name enter: ICE "name of person" and then the phone number(s)e.g. "ICE Andy W" You can add more than one: ICE "another name" and their number(s)e.g. "ICE Fred B" <o:p></o:p>
Most phones allow you to add 'notes' to contact entries e.g. "Mum" and usually more than one phone number e.g. home, mobile, work. <o:p></o:p>
<o:p> </o:p>
Or another way is to do: 1ICE "name of person" and then the phone number(s) etc. so they appear at the top of your contacts list.<o:p></o:p>

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 09/11/2011 10:49  

Kaycat said: sandi that cherd me up no end Just being practical and realistic sorry I didn't mean to upset you, or anyone, Kay. Where I said 'anything else that comes off' I meant bracelet, wallet etc, not body parts. Yes I.C.E. = In Case of Emergency I have my son's details in my mobile phone and carry the N.o.K (Next of Kin) details on a card along with my organ donor card. I have one in my jacket and another in my bag and I'm on the OD register.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 09/11/2011 10:51  

I use the ICE system on my fone, have 3 numbers listed.

It does work, my oldest sister was rushed to hospital and they used her ICE to contact her husband :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 09/11/2011 10:58  

I've got ICE numbers too .. which was told to me a few years back by mate who is a paramedic

   Update Reply
sherry @ 09/11/2011 11:05  

I heard about the Crash Card system for the first time on the tv news yesterday, and thought at the time 'in you helmet?'. I can see how these would be helpful, but how about one in the helmet, AND one in say, upper left pocket. Paramedics etc. can then check the easier place first, and if none is found, then they know to go to the one in the helmet. In Case of Emergency, ICE numbers are recognised, albeit unofficially at the moment, by emergency services, and there are many accounts (FB, Twitter etc.) of them working well. Such a simple thing to enter into your phone too! One more thing to remember is to let your chosen ICE contact know that you have named them.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 09/11/2011 13:22  

So should I have the details tattooed on my forhead

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 09/11/2011 13:25  

Mr Bill me thinks you should hav them tattoo'd in several places just in case lol

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 09/11/2011 15:39  

Well I found it funny.

   Update Reply
geoffb2005 @ 09/11/2011 16:29  

Mobile phones and pin locks ? not a problem for emergence services been told it takes seconds to get an overide code

   Update Reply
JP @ 09/11/2011 17:15  

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