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General Chat/Anything Goes

What did you do today?

What did you do today? (23) - Forums [Biker Match] What did you do today? (23) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What did you do today?

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Agree with N68, had a fab time at Matlock Bath..was a wonderful day...cake was yummy!

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bikerchick1966 @ 06/04/2008 16:55  

yep been a brill day out roll on the next one

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RC @ 06/04/2008 17:28  

Ah that is a lovely pic of you and DD xxxxx

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 06/04/2008 17:29  

thanks BC hunnie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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RC @ 06/04/2008 17:34  

wooooooohooooooooooooooo rc and dd sitting in a tree pmsl Good on ya babe luz ya xx

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dragon @ 07/04/2008 07:01  

Nice to see you posting back on here Dragon!!! Got girls off to school and then went to my appt at Burton Queens Hospital...after miles of hopping round on my crutches (plural Flame! pmsl!) and being misdirected...I was exhausted and ready to drop only to be told to go to the Plaster room..........then being told I couldnt drive my car back home and wondering how the hell I was going to get myself, Fay and my car home and then pick H&H up from stuck in the house bored out of my mind!

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bikerchick1966 @ 07/04/2008 14:18  

Today i rode into 'The Valley of Death'....ok i went to Squires, on my own, on my bike. Had a nice run over, rode into the carpark and parked up, all without incident! I chickened out and left before the hordes arrived, but its a start. There were 30 or so bikes there, so I feel i've achieved something today

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darkcarnival @ 09/04/2008 14:28  

That's brill DC - good on you! NOT a lot again...bored, bored, bored, Even my Internet crashed big time I can't wait for my cast to come off and for me to be whizzing round again....

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bikerchick1966 @ 09/04/2008 14:54  

Cheers Rose, am quite proud of myself

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darkcarnival @ 09/04/2008 16:16  

Having a laugh on MSN -new to this I am...LOL LOL LOL Bit like I cant use my mobile properly til a 12yr old had to show me how!!!! LOL At this rate, I expect you to come to mine DC..not far and a nice run on a lovely you are more than welcome anytime!

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bikerchick1966 @ 09/04/2008 16:46  

You never know, i may just turn up on your doorstep one day!

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darkcarnival @ 09/04/2008 16:54  

PM me and I will give you the address..anytime DC anytime...then we can go to the Vic with Rog and Pete! LOL

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 09/04/2008 17:50  

 Posts: 452       Pages: 23/23

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