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Days Inn - Daily mirror offer!

Days Inn - Daily mirror offer! - Forums [Biker Match] Days Inn - Daily mirror offer! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Days Inn - Daily mirror offer!

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£10 per night to stay at selective Days Inn's around the country. You need to collect tokens from the Mirror that started on Saturday 15th October and ends Thursday 20th October. One token for one night's stay. A max of 3 nights in a row and 3 stays overall allowed. I've booked three 3 night stays in various Inns. I phoned the mirror to see if it was allowed and got the ok - ssshhhh!!!! So I will have to buy an extra 3 papers during the week on top of the 6 being issued with tokens. If you are with a partner and fancy taking real advantage you could book in the two different names and each take the other person as a guest, in that way it would be possible to get 6 nights in the same Inn by booking out at 11am after the third night and back in at 2.00pm on that day, by booking in the other persons name. Being extra cheeky you could then alternate with the other person and get another 3 days etc. I used this offer last year and you do have to produce the tokens on arrival at the hotel. Breakfast is not included and costs an extra £7.50 that you can book when you arrive at the hotel if required. The Days Inn Bournemouth usually charges over £80 per night! Bournemouth is booking up fast and you won' get a weekend booking now I don't think! Others around the country have loads of places. You have to book your dates before October 28th and stays are between November 11th 2011 and May 31st 2012. They take the £10 per night out of your credit card when you book it. You can book this before collecting the tokens but if you forget to buy the paper or lose the tokens you will have to pay full price when you arrive at the hotel.

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Rattay @ 16/10/2011 11:58  

But this isn't camping!!!

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geoffb2005 @ 16/10/2011 17:22  

It's for when you are camped out Geoff

   Update Reply
Rattay @ 17/10/2011 07:14  

You need to collect tokens from the Mirror that started on Saturday 15th October LOL nowt like plenty of notice Ratty

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 17/10/2011 22:08  

You could still have collected tokens from 16th when I posted this thread, and just missed the one token, or got in touch with friends who might have a paper for Saturday 15th They do not have to be in order, one token will give you one nights accommodation, it doesn't matter what day the token is for, could be handy for airport stops before flying out the UK etc to keep costs down. Doubling up like I said for couples, could give you in theory 18 nights of hotel accommodation in the UK for £180. Still not too late now! You could pick up the mirror on Wednesday and Thursday for the tokens (maybe even one for today if your local shop has one left) and still have a weekend away somewhere.

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Rattay @ 18/10/2011 17:35  

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