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Jaffer Cakes (lol)

Jaffer Cakes (lol) (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Jaffer Cakes (lol) (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Jaffer Cakes (lol)

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Jaffa Cakes, Jaffa Cakes, Dunk em in your marmite........... no.....hang on, thats not right........

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 18/06/2007 09:21  

   Update Reply
Di @ 18/06/2007 09:23  

I love Jaffa Cakes and Marmite but not together

   Update Reply
Istaqa @ 18/06/2007 09:27  

Marmite, Marmite, Brown gooey stuff, Comes in a small jar, And damn it tastes so rough.

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 18/06/2007 09:31  

not bad valerossi

   Update Reply
Istaqa @ 18/06/2007 09:32  

Silly poems, Silly poems, Running through my head, Why can't I find something better to do, With my spare time instead??? Dont worry - I'm off to work for the day more poems for at least the next 6 hours (in the distance is the sound of hundreds of forum users collectively breathing a sigh of relief). Have a good day every one

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 18/06/2007 09:45  

You too v46

   Update Reply
Di @ 18/06/2007 09:46  

jaffa cakes jaffa cakes sitting in my plate been a round a long time haven't they mate i wonder if they've had their day or if they will be here to stay Spread your jaffa cake with marmite then dunk it in yer tea vitamins with choclate that would be the key I know its rubbish

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 18/06/2007 12:27  

Site full of poets (ish)

   Update Reply
Di @ 18/06/2007 12:29  

grief its so bad im goin to go and feed the children now, and do something useful lmao later x

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 18/06/2007 15:04  

Jaffa Cakes, Jaffa Cakes, They're deffo here to stay, Don't let them go stale though, Or you'll be throwing lots away

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 18/06/2007 17:54  

Oh dear

   Update Reply
Di @ 18/06/2007 18:17  

if they go stale you can wet them a little only with water not with your spittle put them in the ovan on a very low heat then when they all warm they ready to eat not melted mind its a fine line

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 18/06/2007 18:24  

Nice one

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 18/06/2007 22:51  

Definately on the right site....You're all mad!

   Update Reply
cbrbabe @ 19/06/2007 05:07  

ohhhhhh yeah we forgot to tell you cbrbabe welcome to the nut house lol

we in chat most nights from around 8pm
infact i have to say im in there everynight lol

so pop in n say hellooooooooooooooooooooo

tc from rc xx

   Update Reply
RC @ 19/06/2007 06:53  

hi crb babe

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 19/06/2007 07:46  

Hiya cbrbabe....yep we're mad (especially if provoked with Jaffa Cakes ). Welcome to the site .

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 20/06/2007 05:14  

Hi all, thanks for the welcome. I'll try to join you tonight if I can get my lovely son off the comp. xx

   Update Reply
cbrbabe @ 20/06/2007 06:44  

lol I have a similar problem here so end up on this at rdiculous times of the night and early morning lol

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 21/06/2007 06:08  

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