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Yamaha XJR 1300 Any Good??

Yamaha XJR 1300 Any Good?? - Forums [Biker Match] Yamaha XJR 1300 Any Good?? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Yamaha XJR 1300 Any Good??

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Hi been looking to buy a big engine muscle bike saw alot of these Yamaha XJR`s up bassetts pole tonight think they look the part only going to spend a couple of grand on a early 2000 model just wondered if any ones got one and if they go as good as they look?? was going to go for a bandit or fazer but spotted the XJR and they look beefy. cheers

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Pete_GSX-R @ 02/08/2011 22:06  

I know a guy just bought one .. then filled it up with diesel .. paddy twat . But anyways ... Good bike for what it is . Will cruise along nicley ,gets a bit knotted up and hingy in the twistys but with some muscle will move along just fine .

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Deleted Member @ 02/08/2011 22:10  

love the look of these bikes but other than looks I can't give any information on them I'm afraid

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Simon66 @ 02/08/2011 23:53  

I've seen these at Matlock Bath and love em. Bit of a toss up between them and the gsx 1400 but I think the yam is prettier. Beautiful looks of a z13 but for WAY less money. People love them enough to put dampeners and ohlins on them so they must be a lovely bike ;)

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2011 00:15  

katooom - this may offend you deeply but your knowledge and description of the xjr1300 screams "BIKER" to me - whatever a biker is is epitomised in your words!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2011 09:55  

i have owned two of these, one from new, and another 2nd hand. very very reliable, easy to maintain, fast, when neede, and very good on cornering,handles very well. the only thing i found was the life of the pipes, about 4 years and they will need replacing! other than that a very good ride, i would have another one, as well as my harley fully reccomend them Shaggy

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shaggy101 @ 03/08/2011 10:04  

Cheers shaggy needed the nod before i start looking for one, liked the gsx 1400 but there abit more expencive and doesnt look much in it plus i can never resist a bike with twin pipes! cheers

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Pete_GSX-R @ 03/08/2011 17:22  

I have also ridden the gsx1400 and the xj does corner better . But do remember it aint no gixxer round the corners .

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2011 19:03  

It's just a naked FJR and I've done 60K on that and agree that the bike looks the nutz.

A clean bike turns heads at meets and if it wasn't for the mileage I do in all weathers I'd happy to have one

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madscots @ 03/08/2011 23:19  

A friend of mine has an xjr1300sp 76,000mls goes touring every year never let him down once he loves it,also talking to riding instructor with a xjr1300 with over 200,000mls bike mag is doing an article on it next month ,he thinks its best bike he's had hope this helps.

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bkr @ 03/08/2011 23:26  

Hi Pete, I have a XJR1300 SP in Roberts colours (Yellow and Black) 2001. I love the bike, have ridden it all over Europe. Only thing I would say is it is a bit thirsty if you have a heavy right hand and the riding position is a bit upright for long distances. If you like a torque, it really isn't lacking, excellent bike for two up, wide seat and very comfy, I once rode from Barcelona to King's Lynn non stop apart from the ferry lol. It's a pitty you weren't a bit closer, you could have had a go

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twotyred @ 07/08/2011 21:48  

Hi again Pete forgot to mention, if you get a Yellow one expect a lot of custard jokes.

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twotyred @ 07/08/2011 21:50  

Pete, YES YES YES !!
Pretty much as Shaggy says Except I aint owned one, a mate has one an I rode it loads. Ohlins as Std, We fitted a Full Acropovich system, Dynojetted and modified air box with different manifold intakes. 130 Hp @ rear wheel 135 Mph Brilliant bike .. .. coming from me thats a bloody big compliment !! Definately one bike I would never say no to owning. Go for it fella

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GreasyTony @ 08/08/2011 18:22  

You can't go wrong with this bike, as I have two 2000 an W & X Regd.
My wife loved them two and didn't want them to go.

But you can't do anything about it when redundancy hits you.

I'd have another no problem even thou they maybe to fast for me now.

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Deleted Member @ 05/09/2011 21:28  

Have a look on here bud there is always a good one in the for sale bit I have a 2000sp with noz, ride it all year round, and over the water, been there 4 times this year. You will find all you need to know about the XJR on there web site, top peeps as well..

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highwayman128 @ 06/09/2011 07:49  

Pete, a little bit extra cash (say about £4kish) would get you a much newer CB1300SA in glorious red and white!!

Something like an 07 model on a 56 plate, one owner, well looked after ... erm, lowish miles?

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geoffb2005 @ 06/09/2011 13:21  

Late post on this thread as I missed it earlier On the other hand a mate of mine had a new XJR 1300 and was not impressed with the handling when fully luggaged up when we went touring Spain in 2010. He was not too impressed with cornering neither when bike was unloaded unlike some people responding here that were. He sold it within 12 months of buying it, so maybe horses for courses? Just saying make sure you get a good test run before purchasing any bike as whatever others say it may not be right for you!

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Rattay @ 26/10/2011 10:55  

Mines an early ྜྷ 1200 bought early spring this year, for little money as the bike shop couldn't be arsed servicing it and sorting it..and still hope to bag a profit..... now of course an obsolete model. Mine is the last of the carb' ones, before 1300 and injection. Quality of paint and finish wise, Yamaha 2 Honda 10 out of 10 ( I own 2 Hnds). Handling was lethal on mine....literally....first corner I went into it headed across the road towards a line of oncoming cars.....Previous owner....elderly.... had not only the wrong size of tires on it, both front and back, but, had mixed brands too?! In his defence, he had fitted an ever so twee top-box to put his sandwiches in..........two guesses where that ended up..... So, on went a pair of the new out at the time Avon Storms...totally different bike, superb handling, steady as a rock in corners now. They are a very 'grunty' bike, reckoned, so I'm told by those who have owned both, to be the 'gruntmeister' par excellence, apparently wee wee's all over the Suki 1400 in that dept'...1200s and 1300s are very popular bikes in Germany where there is an ace tuning site that sells some really high quality TUV approved - blah blah - tuning and chassis stuff for them, like a heavy duty sprint clutch for instance - and - a belt rear drive conversion kit for those too lazy to get the chain lube out...if you want the link to it mail me and I'll 'cut n paste'. Oh, be prepared for very expensive Yamaha spares, I find it a lot cheaper to run the VFR (thanks David Silver spares ). And, before I forget, they have a nasty shitty badly made clutch slave cylinder which is way down where all the salty water comes in, and it rusts and rots it to bits, the outer dust seal on mine is now glued on as most of the track it sits in has corroded away (less than 30,000 on clock). Could write more on them if anyones interested.....

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Deleted Member @ 15/11/2011 20:10  

Theyre not bad. Basically an FJ1200 with bigger wheels and twin shocks and no fairing. Engine is basically the FJ1200 tarted up a bit, goes like a train though. Yeah Yamahaaaa spares are generally expensive, but buy from the owners club (XJR or FJ) and your laffing, I get most of my spares of ebay these days and just service them before fitting. Enjoy.

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Deleted Member @ 14/12/2011 16:57  

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