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Freebie time again

Freebie time again - Forums [Biker Match] Freebie time again - Forums [Biker Match]
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Freebie time again

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<!--6e052d28b1806771e2d163a041d4a5d4-->Some of you got this car sticker the last time I posted, so just for the newbies who werent here then, or for anyone else who lost theirs behind the cupboard before they got round to putting it in their car.

   Update Reply
wheelbarrow @ 07/07/2011 04:24  

Cheers for that on order :)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 07/07/2011 06:29  

Thanks WB.....ordered one

   Update Reply
loving it @ 07/07/2011 12:26  

Thanks Weelbarrow, just ordered it..

   Update Reply
Running Man @ 07/07/2011 12:31  

Good post Wheelbarrow.

Had a couple in the car for sometime now and amazed at the number of bikers that go by and wave having obviously spotted them.

So if they can see them, others must be able to as well ..... hopefully!

   Update Reply
geoffb2005 @ 07/07/2011 12:36  

Excellent!! Ordered. Thanks WB.

   Update Reply
RobL @ 07/07/2011 12:39  

Got mine orderd; thanks wheelbarrow.

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 07/07/2011 14:12  

Thanks Wheelbarrow, I got mine in the post today and put it straight in the car, already had a couple of thumbs up from bikers going past me and a nod of the head!! So thanks for that!! Vixs xxxxxxxxxx

   Update Reply
LittleVixs @ 07/07/2011 21:23  

Thanks WB. I've ordered mine and it will take pride and place next to my old one.

   Update Reply
gixergal @ 07/07/2011 21:31  

Nice one WB,

Ordered mine.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 07/07/2011 21:33  

Nice one wheelbarrow....Ordered...Thanks so much

   Update Reply
wenders @ 07/07/2011 21:33  

Thanks for the link... got it ordered

   Update Reply
SuzieSuzuki @ 07/07/2011 21:59  

my van dont have rear windows so i cant use it

   Update Reply
WheelyNealy @ 07/07/2011 22:28  

sticker on my rear window reads ..
Save A Biker .. Open Your F***ing Eyes i've had a few bikers give me a wink when sitting at traffic lights . one even tapped my window and gave me the thumbs up

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/07/2011 07:59  

Cheers WB .. ordered Wouldnt mind that one Crimmy !!

   Update Reply
potnoodles @ 08/07/2011 08:30  

got mine off my brother . he bought it on ebay for a quid , well worth the money if that's the reaction ye get from bikers

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/07/2011 08:46  

Good link thanks, just ordered several different things of the website.

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 08/07/2011 09:06  

Cheers for that and one on order :-)

   Update Reply
mizzi @ 08/07/2011 16:25  

Just ordered mine - thanks

   Update Reply
lisaj @ 09/07/2011 19:58  

ordered mine as well.crimmy, yours is much better tho

   Update Reply
drobess @ 10/07/2011 18:17  

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