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General Chat/Anything Goes

Inferior or Superior?

Inferior or Superior? (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Inferior or Superior? (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Inferior or Superior?

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kaycat u don't look old enuf for a test 30 yrs ago! lol

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2011 11:55  

or thanksxxxx
ok it 29 years i was 17 omg
must have ment a lot to me cose i reamber everything on the teast and on that day
after i passed i riped the l off and off i went to blackpool
had a cb250rs
o happy days

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kaycat @ 22/06/2011 11:58  

I feel slightly inferior but only due to occasional bikers comments on my 125cc and the lack of nods from bikers who seem to think they are better. I started off 3 years ago on a kymco cobra cross 50cc,nice sturded heavy chunky beast of scooter. God I loved it,my eldest daughter has it now though I think she is planning on selling it. I spent 2 years on her deliberately to get road sense and learn. I then went and did a cbt on a 125cc, after doing it they said I could of gone straight onto a bike anyway ! I was glad i did the 2nd cbt as it was totally different to a twist and go. I don't know how many times I dumped the clutch,maybe 100 I did pass and bought a bike which I am still riding now. I am hell bent my progress will be slow giving me enough experience and confidence on the road to move up eventually. Makes sense to be sensible

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2011 12:04  

ur welcome kaycat xx justme101, I wouldn't be concerned about the lack of nods. Like you say they seem to think they're better. But they're not. When I was hossing about on my CB125R it felt great when the big bikes were nodding as they passed me. It's good to feel part of a community. So now I make a point of nodding anything similar to mine (sports)125 upwards.

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2011 12:34  

well i nod at everyone lol
even the trakters

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kaycat @ 22/06/2011 12:38  

oh my, lol big time! I must try that some time and nod a tractor!

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2011 12:49  

Shell.... your reasons for doing the DAS was
another reason why my son did it. I personally think that there is too much
emphasis in bike mags etc on bhp and top end speed for the road bike. At the end of the day when are any of us going
to take it to the limit on British roads....that's just plain madness and
suicide. Not only is the rider putting themselves at risk but other road users
too. Whether it car or bike we are responsible as to how much to twist the
throttle. Confidence has to be built slowly and that goes alongside knowing
your own limitations. I'm not for or against DAS as I passed my test decades
ago but I am for riding safely. The more you ride a bike regardless of cc the
more experience you get which installs confidence. Having said that, with
changing attitudes and more vehicles on the roads etc, one is always gaining experience
no matter how long they’ve been riding a bike and regardless of cc.

But thats my own personal opinion..... <o:p></o:p>

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gixergal @ 22/06/2011 12:56  

justme101 I've been riding just over 3 years on cbt and I know I should be doing my test now before my 2nd cbt runs out so you're not on your own about taking it slow. I find a lot of stigma with L plates, some with bikes but mainly with cars. They can't wait to get past and spend most of the time up your backside if they can't!!! I have even contemplated takeing the Ls off and risking the fine. I get a lot of nods though from bikers even with a 125 on Ls. I would like to do my DAS but don't know how I'll be on a bigger bike as never ridden one.

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2011 13:17  

Hmm - Seems I took my test a millenium ago as well as we where riding 250s at the time, and I took it on my 17th birthday. The again I did off road from 12 on a 250 anyway. Personally I think riding restricted for 2 years is a very good idea - not a big fan of DAS as no matter how well you train it does take time to experience those akward unpredictable moments. I also think that part of the training should include some off road riding as it gives you an awesome sense of balance / control and you lean a lot more than you do just road riding.

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potnoodles @ 22/06/2011 13:58  

Good point potnoodles. Don't think I will be trying that on the cruiser though. I once went pillion when I was 16 on the back of my mates bike on fields where the Devere is now in Blackpool, sometimes think this is what set me against being pillion. Lots of lumps and bumps which was great until he decided to speed up and go over a massive bump, I wasn't aware until that day that I could fly

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2011 14:09  

I passed my test on a cb200 in 1979 so that's what 42 years ago, and I think the present DAS only teaches you how to pass a test with only a basic knowledge of how to ride a bike, it should be changed to give riders more experience of riding, how about a test for which you can ride up to 250, then if you want to progress another test to ride say a 5 or 600 bike, then again to progress you should have another test on say a 750 or above bike and only then would you be allowed any size engine.
Of course my idea would also overhaul the car testing with restriction on engine size etc

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wheelbarrow @ 22/06/2011 15:47  

PS I nod or wave at anything on 2wheels I always have a good laugh at the moped riding kids around here, they look so scared when you wave at them and they haven't got the confidence to lift a hand off the bars to wave, but good on them they could be the next generation of bikers, so let's encourage them a bit.

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wheelbarrow @ 22/06/2011 15:49  

Wheel ... thats what the 3rd directive from Europe is planning (although DAS will stay for those over 24) however from Jan 2013 if you pass on a 125 thats what you ride, you will have to do another test to ride a 33bhp bike, another to ride an unrestricted bike.

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Deleted User @ 22/06/2011 16:10  

Shell....will they be planning a similar directive for car drivers or is this just solely aimed at bikers?

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gixergal @ 22/06/2011 16:14  

As far as I can see in the directive, its only at bikers .

There are new things in general

All new licences for mopeds, motorcycles, cars, tricycles and quadricycles shall have a maximum
administrative validity of 10 years. Member States may choose to issue such licences with an
administrative validity of up to 15 years

All new driving licences for trucks and buses shall have a maximum
administrative validity of 5 years.

They are also talking about raising the age to drive a car to 18 from 17

and ability to drive a bus towing a trailer to 24

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Deleted User @ 22/06/2011 16:39  

Wow....i s this an idea from Brussels? If so, I see more bikers blocking the roads of France along with others.

   Update Reply
gixergal @ 22/06/2011 16:54  

Well its been in discussion for a number of years ... and doesnt look like its hitting enough walls to stop it

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Deleted User @ 22/06/2011 16:59  

Unless you tell someone you took your test on a 125 then the inferiority complex is self inflicted. In a nutshell your on two wheels and may that be the end of it. Personally I am not the fastest rider in the world and I like to cruse round on my Pan. I also have a few friends who have 125cc bikes and we regularly go for rides. They don't fell any pressure to go fast just because my bike as 1175cc more than them. To us the act of riding is the most important thing. We live in a materialistic world. Somebody has to be one better than someone else. We have had this insecurity bread into us form an early age. Take it on the chin and get on with life.

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Phil @ 22/06/2011 17:43  

I agree with's too short for hang ups over the size of your...engine and as for one upmanship...get a life

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Big Al.. @ 22/06/2011 18:00  

Restricting new license car drivers wouldn't be an unfair idea-24 years ago when I passed the car test I went from a Mk 1 Fiesta 950 straight to a Granada 2.8-it taught me a few things like rwd v6 auto cars being a bit 'tail happy' in the wet etc-realistically car insurance prices out most new drivers from driving anything too fast,my friend's son is 17 and has been quoted over £2000 for TPT and T on a £500 Corsa 1000cc!!!!

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Sprint900 @ 22/06/2011 21:30  

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