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Inferior or Superior?

Inferior or Superior? (3) - Forums [Biker Match] Inferior or Superior? (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Inferior or Superior?

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Its all about politics, economics and equilibrium. Bottom line wrongly is that the car is perceived as an integral part of the economic equation by government/consumer and manufacturers/politicans. They collectively spend most of their time/marketing budget maintaining that perception.

It is imperative to all parties to get as many people into cars as possible. Good for tax and good for profits. It's a cartel.

Fags? Anybody suggesting tests. Nope hugely successful no need to prove your worth as a consumer. No CBT, Mod 1, Theory Test,Mod 2 or limits to fags being 2cms long for two years. Why because its lucrative. The industry kills loads. No problem. In fact an absolute top performer and works beautifully in a capitalist system.

Bikes are a tiny marginal player and a real irritation to both the cities of London and Westminster.

So let's not get confused about bike safety and testing regimes its all about motorcycles being a marginalised minority industry. Everybody who get's on a bike currently costs the clique above real money.

The consumer voice is based upon volume. Bikers in the UK are a tiny number. Don't fall for increased marginalisation by upping the test standards alone.

It's not about tweaking the training regime its about making bikes and bikers mainstream.

I was in Belgium a few years ago.. you give way to cyclists at junctions .. Aye right!!! LOL. Yip you do!. Why becuase in Belgium its cycles. cars in that order. Ask a politician they don't kiss babies they wear cycle helmets.

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Palamie @ 22/06/2011 22:13  

 Posts: 41       Pages: 3/3

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