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Checking out peoples profiles

Checking out peoples profiles - Forums [Biker Match] Checking out peoples profiles - Forums [Biker Match]
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Checking out peoples profiles

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May I apologise if it appeares that I have viewed anyones profile more than once. I am not stalking you I promise!!! Chances are, I have forgotten that I have viewed you previously, or it could be that I think you are drop dead gorgeous and I needed a second look.............Can't fault me on that one surely???? You have a profile, I view it.............simples

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bandit lover @ 16/06/2011 00:20  

Hey BL, I know what you mean but I have decided not to apologise for looking at peoples profiles coz like you say "You have a profile, I view it.............simples" if they didn't want the profile looked at then why is it there???? Also I've found that if you look at someones profile and their pics then click to go back to profile it registers two views of profile. So lets keep lookin at each others profiles, nods and PM's, make more new friends and continue havin a good time.

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2011 08:24  

Lol, being stalked would be an interesting new experience for me anyway ;p

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Say_Ten @ 16/06/2011 09:01  

I don't mind at all, but must admit, i feel uncomfortable looking at peoples profiles more than a few times, even if you know they've posted more pics, as it does make you look like a stalker lol. Would be better if the logging system just said who'd looked at you within the last two weeks, rather than saying how many times imho. For the record, anyone feel free to look as many times as you like, lol, won't be many before you get sick of looking at my mush anyway!!

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2011 10:16  

who shall i stalk first ???

Naughty one, how would we know, you being ninja like and all lol

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Brummie Jackie @ 16/06/2011 11:42  

I must admit, I feel a bit creepy if I look at profiles more than once, But your right, surely thats what there for !! I dont get many veiws on my profile, but perhaps there's a good reason for that . Please have a look......

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Running Man @ 16/06/2011 12:34  

I actually dont look at who has viewed me or how many times, i go on the assumption that once viewed if they want to get in tuch with me they wll :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 16/06/2011 14:23  

dont think you have viewed me yet !!!!!!! why not ( spaying pits and changing socks as we speeek )

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Jack Jones @ 16/06/2011 14:59  

woo i like pervi i meen looking at profilles looking for bikes and the tattows and the pic of all the good looking men and ladys on here

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kaycat @ 16/06/2011 15:02  

You can always disable logging if you're worried about being seen as a stalker

   Update Reply
Matt @ 16/06/2011 15:06  

does that mean one can view the same person 50 times a day and get away with out being called a stalker ??????

   Update Reply
Jack Jones @ 16/06/2011 15:44  

50 times a day I'd be taking out a non-molestation order !

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DriftnSlide @ 16/06/2011 16:14  

pmsl at driftnslide!!
Matt, funny you say that, I wasn't sure if doing that just disables logging on your own side, but the other party still sees the views.

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2011 22:40  

Hey Graham, if you disable logging, it means the folk you view can't see you've viewed them. Just remember though, if you're too shy to nod or message them, and you want to catch their attention, they won't know you've looked!!!!

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Blackberry @ 16/06/2011 22:49  

But i'm not a compulsive nodder lol, and if i want to talk to them, then i have to be brave and just do it. That'd be a bit of a chickens way of getting attention lol, unless you're a standard member of course and then that tactic may well work if unable to message or nod anyone

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2011 23:22  

i viewed 3 girls and looked later, it said i had looked 67times another 23 @19 times

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2011 23:31  

Hmm - some people just like to look at the pics of the bikes and art etc dont forget !!!!!!!!!!! Also how on earth can I remember who I have looked at before without checking the log every time (far too tedious).

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potnoodles @ 16/06/2011 23:40  

not sure how many time mad mic has perved me , recon he is a nutter

   Update Reply
Jack Jones @ 16/06/2011 23:46  

@ mad mic, yup you most definately are

   Update Reply
Blackberry @ 16/06/2011 23:52  

If i put a picture of a pickled gherkin as my profile pic would i get more views???? me ponders this deliberation of gi-normous proportions .........oh dear i need a lie down and a paracetamol

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Scooterboy @ 17/06/2011 00:05  

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