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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Night out in brum

Night out in brum (9) - Forums [Biker Match] Night out in brum (9) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Night out in brum

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Sandi @ 18/09/2007 18:23  

most of them yes kwak

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RC @ 18/09/2007 18:33  

love is in the air lol

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dragon @ 19/09/2007 03:05  

just cuz peeps mite av found sumone dont mean they have to stop havein fun and thats not a reson to not cum at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its my mans birthday the 29th and i still goin with out him lol, i aint fussed anyhows me n chrissy always have fun on our nites we never get home till sumrise yeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , all u lovers sit at home watchin slop dvds im going out to paaaaaarrrrttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Sexysmirnoff @ 19/09/2007 20:14  

anyone thinkin of cumin now its cancelled me n chrissyjinx doin it alone chickens lol

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Sexysmirnoff @ 21/09/2007 19:10  

i cant come hun im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loves ya

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RC @ 21/09/2007 19:12  

your the only one with a real reason out of all those who z theyd come , so no worries hunnyxxxxxxxxxx

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Sexysmirnoff @ 21/09/2007 19:14  

when is it again B boo if i dont have kids i am on

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2007 21:04  

imgoing to scruffies on the 13 oct,,if thats a sat night ,lol

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2007 21:25  

its next sat night koj

   Update Reply
RC @ 22/09/2007 08:14  

So is anyone joining me and chrissyjinx this sat in Brum?? xx

   Update Reply
Sexysmirnoff @ 24/09/2007 16:47  

i sooooooooooooo wish i could bb hun

   Update Reply
RC @ 24/09/2007 16:48  

 Posts: 172       Pages: 9/9

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