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Email address in private messages

Email address in private messages (4) - Forums [Biker Match] Email address in private messages (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Email address in private messages

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Cheers Steely, sorted.

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Sandi @ 18/05/2008 10:26  

On the subject of SPAM, here is a little tip... There are a lot of sites nowadays that require an valid email address for you to register so that you can proceed on the site and get the information, files etc, a lot of these sites will sell your Email address as Matt said. For this reason I made a "crap" email address many years ago, if I need to register or give out my email address to a site i do not trust I use this one, it means I can verify my email address, use the site but not have to worry about spam etc cos that's all i use it for. It stops spam emails getting to my real email account and it stops people getting my MSN addy. As Matt says, you do need to be carefull who you give your email address to. My "Crap" email account gets boatloads of spam but I only use it to register for sites and i get the verification request right away so i never have to sift through it all. Any emails you wish to keep for reference can be put into another folder right away for easy access. I hope some find this usefull.

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Charismatic @ 29/05/2009 13:11  

As 1st posts go... Welcome to BM, mate.

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XKLYBR @ 29/05/2009 19:07  

welcome to the site mate. I do the same thing too... i have a hotmail account i give to websites and BM members when I just need one quick thing (Activation links for example) You can trust me though and I certainly would never sell anyone's email address from this site (Unless you really pissed me off )

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Matt @ 29/05/2009 20:05  

Matt you didn't rollock Charismatic for resurrecting an old thread!! Wassup, is it just me that gets a rollocking? Please don't swear in in the posts, Matt doesn't like it ROFL

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Sandi @ 29/05/2009 20:27  

lol i was gonna rollock him, but his input was good and he probably didnt know it was an old thread (It's linked to from the New PM window and T&Cs)

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Matt @ 29/05/2009 20:56  

Soz, I saw the date of the last post (18th May ) but didn't notice the year. Thanks for the welcomes but I have been here since July 2008, just never posted before.

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Charismatic @ 30/05/2009 04:55  

You lazy git! Another lurker!

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Sandi @ 30/05/2009 22:13  

Firstly, can I ask how old a thread has to be before it is classed n I get told off for opening it up again ?? Second Is it still the case that if a full member pms a standard member then the standard member can reply without having to subscribe??

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Bloggsey @ 12/01/2010 18:29  

Steve I suggest that you contact Matt via the homepage and ask him that way cos there's more chance he will see that than this. He doesn't read ALL the posts as he hasn't got time to. You ask good questions, until Matt redesigned the site and altered some access features my replies would have been... I reckon if the topic is of interest to a member and they want to post something in it then that topic is never too old. Except for topics that are just drivel or sillyness. Matt would say different. and yes but now I'm not sure either. lol

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Sandi @ 12/01/2010 21:34  

Hey Steve, welcome to the site. Hmmm.... an old topic. Well this one for example can never really be old, the content is always relevant and it's nice to remind folks. Recently someone bumped up LOTS of old topic, which were about PC problems people were having 2 years ago, or old general news discussions etc. These things we don't want digging up of course (old jokes also need to be left dead). I could of course lock down old topics, BUT that stops genuine ones being reopened. If a topic is reopened that shouldn't be, then a moderator can delete the last post and refresh the database so the topic drops off again. Regarding the contact... you're right. Because you've contributed (thanks btw) you're entitled to contact anyone and they can reply back to you also without paying themselves. There has to be one person in the conversation contributing though. You can't, for example, pay for a couple of days then initiate thousands of conversations with standard members and expect the conversations to keep on going after your few days payment... one person must remain subscribed in the conversation. Also of note... when your account reverts back to normal access after your payment expires, you do not loose all your data. So if you've uploaded thousands of photos, more than is allowed for a free account, the photos will remain in place until you delete them - even if your account goes back to standard (You just can't add anymore). Hope this helps. Any more questions just bounce me a PM or email. Cheers!

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Matt @ 13/01/2010 02:21  

The dodgy ones are the few who don't have a pics of themselves in their profile



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madscots @ 20/01/2011 11:00  

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