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Newbies Forum

New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (521) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (521) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Pasini, we're all bargains on here.
I'm still in the basement (been here forever) 😂
Welcome to BM, all newbies 👋...

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big end @ 23/11/2019 19:56  

thank you :-)

   Update Reply
big end @ 23/11/2019 19:56  

Hi guys, not ready to get old quite yet !!!

   Update Reply
WingOutfit @ 26/11/2019 19:25  

Hi there! 😃 Hope everybody is well and happy?
Glad to be back with you happy lot and looking forward to getting to know different folks X 😘 X

   Update Reply
Doodle @ 26/11/2019 23:10  

Hi all newbies and folks returning

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 27/11/2019 07:43  

Hi all,I'm Dan in Dorset,ride an MZ and a 1954 Ariel,thought I would join as in an ideal world I'd like to find a laydee to share life with,and a biker woman would be the ultimate I think!

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Ariel Dan @ 27/11/2019 23:04  

hello im new here anyone around my area? im in south west England Wiltshire

   Update Reply
Bikeratheart @ 01/12/2019 13:14  

Hi all looking forward to spring to do some big trips and meeting new people, safe travels all.

   Update Reply
Seb125 @ 01/12/2019 13:33  

Welcome onboard all newbies and Doodles (welcome home! 😉)

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 02/12/2019 13:53  

Hi! Hope all ok, new to this! M

   Update Reply
Mark.ZRX12 @ 02/12/2019 21:56  

Hi again, thing went off! M

   Update Reply
Mark.ZRX12 @ 02/12/2019 21:59  

Big welcome to all the newbies.👍😊
Take a look around and see if you can get to any of the events.
Anyone in the Yorkshire area or anyone that can travel here, there's the Christmas Chinwag at Squires bike cafe, this Sunday 8th December.

Come along and say hello. 👍😊

   Update Reply
Karey @ 03/12/2019 13:50  

Hi, I joined today. Guess I’m really fresh 😂 Nice to meet you all anyway x

   Update Reply
AmyDoodle @ 03/12/2019 16:38  

Hey guys thought I'd say hello 👋 I've met a few of you camping in Wales this year and at hallowistmas,I'm just after expanding my friendship group with some lovely like minded peeps so hola from sunny Birmingham ☺️👋🏻👋🏻 x

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Deleted Member @ 04/12/2019 10:14  

Just joined.thought id give this a go.almost 4 years single..last stage of divorce goin thru.
Ride a Vn800Classic..
Hello to everyone

   Update Reply
Kav1967 @ 04/12/2019 13:24  

Evening all, today I have officially sold my Duke. It's a sad sad day but as with everything, as one door closes another one opens right up.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 04/12/2019 18:32  

hi to all

   Update Reply
13coni13 @ 05/12/2019 02:12  

Hello 😜

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 06/12/2019 00:12  

I am new here

   Update Reply
Gavinhog @ 06/12/2019 09:25  

Hi all, new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. In the middle of a divorce and realised the marriage drove away most of my social life. So I’m here to kick-start it :)

My bike is parked up at the moment due to an impending shoulder operation. Once I’m healed (February-ish) I’ll be back on the road and looking for fellow bikers and perhaps taking some pillions out for a social.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 07/12/2019 16:34  

 Posts: 10,577       Pages: 521/529

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