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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (513) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (513) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Hi everyone I’m Katherine or Kat. Looking for friends hopefully more but happy with just mates and someone to go out for a blast with
Looking at getting something new to go out and have fun on hopefully this weekend! Xx

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Sassybikerchick @ 19/07/2019 18:44  

Welcome onboard all newbies. Get yourselves along to a few meets/rallies/rideouts or events and you will find a bunch of friendly folk and who knows what may happen?! 😀👍😱

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Lindsay @ 19/07/2019 18:44  

Cheers doesn't take me long to get comfy! Like riding a bike I suppose ;)

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Veefa12 @ 19/07/2019 19:30  

Hi to all bikers in here, new member so thanks for the add, looking forward to getting some banter and maybe catching up with some fellow riders

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Mackspark @ 19/07/2019 20:28  

Hi just joined today i live wton anyone near there 🤔😃😎

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bikerbird5 @ 20/07/2019 14:46  

Welcome onboard newbies!
Hope you find what you're looking for. Remember: you get out, what you put in 😉

Maybe see you in a field somewhere soon

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Lindsay @ 20/07/2019 16:11  

Hello all, I'm sort of a returning long term member, they call me "spunky" actually that's a lie no one does.😄👍

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Deleted Member @ 20/07/2019 20:52  

Pmsl 'Spunky' what else do they call ya ?!

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Lindsay @ 21/07/2019 00:51  

You don't want to know... The list goes on haha.🤪

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Deleted Member @ 21/07/2019 19:29  


Just joined and everyone is superfriendly ..ride safe.

Catch you on the roads hopefully..not been to.any rideouts open to requests!

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Deleted Member @ 22/07/2019 13:01  

Hi guys lost count of bikes over the years now looking for touring buddy's (lady) to share the joy of the open road

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Deleted Member @ 22/07/2019 22:14  

Hi here... See I did it...

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Draigsson @ 23/07/2019 07:29  

Hello, and a big fat welcome to all new members. Hope you enjoy your time here, and at BM gatherings, which are child friendly, unless otherwise stated.

You could always organise your own get together, in your own area, or further. There are plenty of members who could give you tips. See who the event organisers are on the staff page.

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Sandi @ 24/07/2019 08:55  

Looking for riding buddies.i went out with my first rider from this site and she was lovely and friendly and a laugh.

I rode sensibly...and hung out was nice..

Don't usually go to meets ..rather ride and stop off for a latte!

Holla if you are out and want to play!!

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Deleted Member @ 25/07/2019 11:41  

Hi! Just joined today. I dont have a bike, dont feel confident on the front but would love to be a pillion if anyone ever fancied some company 😁

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Pinkgemty1624 @ 26/07/2019 09:49  

Evening all, I've just rejoined as my old profile from years ago won't work anymore.

I'm in Doncaster with a spare pilly seat & looking for company to ride with as it can get dull riding alone all the time. Looks like I rejoined about the right time reading the post above this...

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Hooli @ 27/07/2019 21:28  

Hi all, new member in Harrow, West London

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Deleted Member @ 28/07/2019 20:10  

Hi all, hope you're all good, I've just realised I've been on here for almost 2 weeks and neglected to say 'Hi', (apart from the start of my paragraph lol 😁)
I came out of a long-term relationship some time ago, things were tough but I'm now back up and running, looking to the future, rolling on 2 wheels.
I'm very busy during the week but Fri/Sat/Sun are my days for playing out on the bike, so feel free to msg if you are local and at a loose end, whether it be anyone with a bike or a lady looking for a pillion ride and some company, Summer's 'ere still 🌟

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Dave58 @ 29/07/2019 15:18  

Newbie here. Feel free to say hi👍🏼

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Beps @ 29/07/2019 23:21  

Evening all. Just thought I would say hi, hope everyone's well. New to the site, so go easy on me! Safe travels everyone :)

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Steelman7 @ 30/07/2019 00:18  

 Posts: 10,705       Pages: 513/536

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