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dating tips etc

dating tips etc (7) - Forums [Biker Match] dating tips etc (7) - Forums [Biker Match]
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dating tips etc

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thought courting was gettin the lady drunk then takin her home!!as would happen at a wedding! job done!

Using "lady" in the loosest possible sense of the term, presumably?

Doesn't matter how drunk anyone's ever tried to get me, they've never managed to get me drunk enough to take advantage of me... Some of us really *are* ladies!

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Wannabe @ 18/04/2009 04:23  

I should think so too!! But there's more to bein a lady than remainin chaste you know

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 18/04/2009 06:34  

.............and some of us "ladies" don't drink alchohol very often, so one wonders what TM's approach would be then!

   Update Reply
Dragon13 @ 18/04/2009 07:09  

"But there's more to bein a lady than remainin chaste you know"

Chased or chaste -- a bit of romance goes a long way in the girly scale!!!!

   Update Reply
Jansky1960 @ 18/04/2009 08:34  

OOH you've come out of your shell

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 18/04/2009 08:36  

Are they queuing up at your door yet TM I'm with Jansky,a bit of romance can go a long way

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/04/2009 09:58  

Weyhey! Straight into the elephant trap

TM was going to get some dating tips on this thread if it was the last thing he did! There ya go - "a little romance".

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 18/04/2009 10:16  

Be interesting to see what the guy's idea of "a little romance" is!

   Update Reply
Dragon13 @ 18/04/2009 12:51  

He'd have you believe it's getting a young lady drunk & taking advantage of her inebriated state, but I suspect the reality would be more along the lines of sweeping said lady off her feet on the dance floor, complete with red rose clutched between teeth, then whisking her off on the back of his bike for an ice cream on the sea front

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 18/04/2009 13:38  

got it in one WB! all bar the rose, yet!! i am a perfect gentleman an it's got me nowhere!! cos c'mon you girls admit it you all like the thuggish rogue's an naught'y type's!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 18/04/2009 13:52  

Some girls do... but personally speaking, I'm a sucker for a gent every time...

*ponders rephrase*

Oh make of it what you will, you lot!

The red rose is probably a bit too cheesy as it goes, so keep doing what you're doing TM

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 18/04/2009 14:41  

Loving this thread -

   Update Reply
ZZRpilot @ 18/04/2009 17:52  

And TM you don't need any tits..sorry|I mean tips. You are a true gent and and ole romantic, and I can say this from experience ladies. My tip is never change, be yourself and wait till you find someone who appreciates the finer things in life. And as the weather is getting better we must be due a coffee?

   Update Reply
Scary @ 18/04/2009 20:51  

So......everyone to TM's for coffee?

   Update Reply
Dragon13 @ 18/04/2009 22:28  

Who is using me name? Rose...what rose...I dont want shoving up some fellas ar*e!!! (Cold feet?)

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 18/04/2009 23:51  

Well said Scary! Don't ever change, TM

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 20/04/2009 00:31  

Who could ever change TM

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 20/04/2009 02:49  

Summat strange about MZ's piccy...can't quite put my finger on it, tho I'm sure it's staring me right in the face...

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 20/04/2009 11:26  

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 20/04/2009 11:32  


   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 20/04/2009 11:41  

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