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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

BM South Meet - 15th February

BM South Meet - 15th February - Forums [Biker Match] BM South Meet - 15th February - Forums [Biker Match]
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BM South Meet - 15th February

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Post Reply Hope Peach won't mind if I kickstart a thread for this meet :o)Be nice to see a few more faces on the event - and let's hope we have a nice thaw in the next couple of weeks!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 02/02/2009 01:08  

Thanks W, looking forward to meeting you and the others, lets hope a few more peops add their name. Its going to be a lovely sunny dry day.... Mmmmm, my powers of imagination are up and running this morn ;o)xx

   Update Reply
peach1962 @ 02/02/2009 09:00  

I believe your powers of imagination... I can almost taste the ice cream I'll be enjoying on the day!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 02/02/2009 09:39  

cant get to this one im afraid off to Paris for 4 days on the 15th

   Update Reply
meza95 @ 02/02/2009 11:32  


Excuses, excuses!

I'm only jealous... I love Paris... Go visit Maxim's - fantastic tour - Pierre Cardin's private collection of Art Deco stuff. And no Louvre-style queues!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 02/02/2009 21:58  

i drive over there for a job(part time) WB..been to them all in the 30+ times ive been there lol..only doing Disney this time and 1 paris by night is free time for drinks LOL

   Update Reply
meza95 @ 02/02/2009 22:17  

Ah OK gotcha - well don't work too hard then!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 02/02/2009 22:24  

I'm sure if we have a whip-round we'll raise enough cash to buy you a pint Dave

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 03/02/2009 17:53  

Didn't you know there's no such thing as a free lunch bar?

Touch n go that I'll find enough money for fuel to get there & back at the mo!

Get yer violins out everyone

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 03/02/2009 19:45  

Sorry WB cant play the violin but sure can play the fiddel ! Will see what tune i can play and maybe i get go.

   Update Reply
ventrider1 @ 03/02/2009 20:00  

If BM could: there would be free beer and fuel on arrival ;o)) and Vent playing with his fiddle xx HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE

   Update Reply
peach1962 @ 03/02/2009 20:41  

   Update Reply
ventrider1 @ 03/02/2009 20:47  

and Vent playing with his fiddle xx


   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 03/02/2009 22:36  

Noooo BRRRRRM BRRRRRM get cover to go

   Update Reply
ventrider1 @ 03/02/2009 23:29  

It's a shame Shadz (my son) is at sea for the next few weeks cos he would probably attend this event. I wish I was going to it too, cos Pompey is 'home' to me. Have a great time all those who are going.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 04/02/2009 09:12  

Le bump

In that case Kwak, we'll have to do a re-run when Shadz is home... and entertaining his Mum for the weekend

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 09/02/2009 10:03  

Sorry People,I'm on rota for work,so can't make it!!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 09/02/2009 16:51  

Aww never mind HG plenty more meets will go in the calendar and I am holding you and sweet to that w.end getting our fix at HD Dock Gate 20

   Update Reply
peach1962 @ 09/02/2009 18:38  

I need to give at least 3 weeks notice now,darn it !!! sort sumfink out,even its a live band at a good pub!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 09/02/2009 20:26  

Looks like your wish has been granted see you in March

   Update Reply
peach1962 @ 11/02/2009 20:36  

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